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May 23, 2016

Evgeni Malkin

Tampa, Florida: Practice Day

Q. When you're in this situation, Evgeni, what gives you confidence that you guys will be able to pull it back and get a Game 7 here in Pittsburgh?
EVGENI MALKIN: Yeah, we're not thinking about Game 7. We're thinking about Game 6 right now. Just what message to like play 16 minutes, like it's a hard 60 minutes against a good team. But it's not always we still have a chance to come back at Pittsburgh, but we have a great team. It's not an easy way. If you want to win the Stanley Cup, it's not easy. Yeah, it's 3-2, but we still have a chance to come back and win again.

Q. Evgeni, it looked like with Bri and Chris, you found something that was working last night five-on-five. What did you like about the way you connected with the wingers?
EVGENI MALKIN: Just play better. I mean, we have a couple of mistakes and they score. Just play a little bit better. Maybe short shift, we play a little bit longer. We have mistakes, but we will watch video. You know, it's a tough game. Tampa is a good team, it's a very good team. But if we play right for all 60 minutes, we win.

Q. How comfortable are you with your game, Geno?
EVGENI MALKIN: I think it's okay. I mean, we scored a couple of goals yesterday. I feel pretty good. To play (indiscernible) minutes, it's pretty good minutes. Just play a little bit better in the "D" zone. And we'll score for sure tomorrow. Just play right, no mistakes and try to spend time in the offensive zone.

Q. In a situation like this, Evgeni, do you feel responsible to go out there and produce offensively, not just play well, but produce offensively to try to get this back to Pittsburgh?
EVGENI MALKIN: Yeah, of course, we have a good team. All 20 guys are ready to play tomorrow. It's not over. We still have a chance back at Pittsburgh. I mean, it's play right, it's play physical. We play like Game 3 in Tampa, same game, like spend time in our offensive zone, play physical, and try to get back to Pittsburgh.

Q. Geno, what are some of the things that you could take out of last night's game that are positive, maybe that would carry over. It was a negative ending and a negative win, but what positives do you take out of the game?
EVGENI MALKIN: Positive, we score with three goals. I mean, we lead 2-0. It was a good score. We continued to play very good. It's 3-2. It's like last five minutes -- they score, what, three minutes left. We have a good chance to win with like three minutes left. So just one mistake, and they score it. If they not score, we would win.
So we lost focus maybe the last ten minutes. If you lead, you need to play a little better in the "D" zone.

Q. You guys lost momentum on the power play. How do you guys keep that from not happening tomorrow night?
EVGENI MALKIN: I don't know. We talked today. I mean, Tampa blocking shots, maybe a little bit break with extra pucks. If you are not shooting, you are not scoring. We need more shots. We had a couple chances, but Tampa played good. They blocked shots. Just shoot, move puck, maybe extra break. We tried to score, of course, but we didn't.

Q. You guys are dominating shots in this series, you dominated possession by some of the numbers, yet you trail. Is it kind of surprising that you're not leading this series based on how much you've had the puck and how much you've been able to get it to the net?
EVGENI MALKIN: That's a hard question. Not surprised. Tampa is a good team. If you give small chance to Kucherov or Johnson, then they score. We need to play tighter against these two guys. I think the leadership and team in the "D" zone, I think they play with spark. We need to play a little tighter with these guys. Tampa is a great team. If they just have a chance, they score. We need to play better, for sure, in the "D" zone.

Q. We talked about this earlier, how ready are you guys, your team leaders, to kind of step up (inaudible)?
EVGENI MALKIN: Yeah, I think it's a very huge game for (indiscernible), of course. And yeah, it's a tough situation, but if we see history, we know it's 3-2, it's not over for sure. We lost 3-2, but we come back and win the Stanley Cup. It's not easy, but it's just one game, focus on game, 60 minutes. Remember it's work hard for 60 minutes. I believe my team. I believe myself. And we can get it back at Pittsburgh for sure.

Q. Do you say anything to Marc-Andre after a tough night like last night?
EVGENI MALKIN: I think he played well. I mean, he saved it two times for sure. Yeah, I think it's a tough game for everyone yesterday, but I think Marc-Andre played very well. It's not hard now for him, but I say he played very well.

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