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May 22, 2016

Jason Garrison

Tyler Johnson

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Game Five

Tampa Bay 4
Pittsburgh 3

Q. Tyler, the notable exception in the third period down in Tampa, out of the last six periods, what have you liked about what you've done offensively here against the Penguins?
TYLER JOHNSON: I think we're executing much better. We're creating more chances because we're working together. The defense and offense, we're just kind of generating more. And our "D" is jumping in and playing and really helping us out. So it's been a lot easier that way.

Q. Jason, I assume that's a design play then on the winner, where you directed in off Tyler's rump or whatever? Maybe describe the -- what it meant to come back after what happened tonight at the various points and come back with the win?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, obviously, huge goal by Kucherov to tie it up. He's done that a few times for us this postseason. And then the game winner. Our boys did a great job putting pressure down low. Kuch found himself kind of near the blue line and created a little bit space for ourselves. Obviously Johnny went to the net, and no shot is a bad shot in overtime. So we'll take the outcome of that.

Q. Tyler, after what you had to go through, how sore you must be, does this make it all better and feel so much better with the win?
TYLER JOHNSON: Yeah, I was pretty glad we won. You know, it's one of those things, unfortunately, that happens. Just got to keep playing. Glad we got the win. Get back to Tampa and hope we can finish up.

Q. Tyler, take me through the last 48 hours or so. You talk about a whirlwind. Not only are you hit in the mouth, but to come back here and win a game in this building, has it even settled in yet what you have an opportunity to do back in Game 6 in Tampa and go back to another Stanley Cup final?
TYLER JOHNSON: Well, I think we kind of just talked about it beforehand. We were in the exact same situation last year of being able to win and go back home. We want to try to get that Game 6 in front of our home fans. So we're happy with what we did, and hopefully we can continue it.

Q. Jason or Tyler, maybe a minute or two before Nikita's game-tying goal at the end there, Andrei had the save on Chris Kunitz and played on a backhand. How well do you recall the save, and in retrospect, how critical was it?
JASON GARRISON: It was obviously a big save for us. I think he was left alone for a good amount of time there. Vasi has made a lot of big saves for us in this series. We're not surprised by it, but it's something that we can learn from it, leaving guys in front of the net like that.

Q. Tyler, can you just describe the goal. Did you know it was in? Did it hit you? What was that like?
TYLER JOHNSON: I was just out there in front. I saw Gary start to shoot it, and I thought it was going for my head again. So I turned around, and I got lucky. It just nicked me. I wasn't sure if it hit me or not, but I was just more excited to see it in the back of the net.

Q. Can you talk about what happened (No microphone)?
TYLER JOHNSON: Just got some stitches and some teeth. We'll know more after everything settles down. I didn't want to play with anything on my face. So that was an easy thing for me. At the end of the day, let me make the decision, and I made it.

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