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May 22, 2016

Stephen Curry

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Game Three

Game 3

Oklahoma City 133 - Golden State 105

Q. Steph, in Game 2, you guys had a lot of success in letting Draymond roam free and not guard Roberson. Tonight, why did that not -- I know Bogut was on him early, but why did that not work letting Roberson sort of run free tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: We just weren't as tight as a complete unit. I mean, that game plan, like you said, it's been effective, and Roberson hit, I think two threes in the first half, but that didn't kill us. It was more just their offense didn't allow our defense to get set. Took a lot of quick shots that didn't go in and gave them that advantage in transition. We just didn't handle their runs very well because of that.

So we've got to look at the film, obviously, to figure out why we weren't very good on the defensive end when it comes to rotations and things like that. But there's always next game.

Q. Steph, after Draymond's flagrant on Steven Adams it really seemed to catapult Oklahoma City, kind of focus them in. They made a big run to end the half. Did you sense something in them or something in yourselves that sort of led to that swing?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, not really. It was a long delay with the review and all that, but they just got to the free throw line a lot down the stretch in the second quarter. We missed a lot of shots, and next thing you know it's a 20-point game.

So frustrating way to end the quarter. That's something we pride ourselves on is how we finish quarters and create momentum going into either halftime or the next quarter, so we didn't accomplish that. Especially on the road, that's something that you have to take care of, so it has to be a point of emphasis in Game 4.

Q. How surprised were you that Oklahoma City was able to go small and have success tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: It was an adjustment, but they made shots and spread us out a little bit. It was a look that we hadn't seen a lot earlier in the series. But for us, it can't be about what the other team's doing. We have to be ourselves and do the things that's gotten us to this point a lot better than we did tonight, especially on the offensive end.

Q. Did you see clearly what happened on Draymond on the kick? Beyond that, are you concerned that maybe his reputation now after two of these and maybe some other things might play into further NBA discipline?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, I'd hope not. I didn't see it during the game in live action. It just looked like he got fouled and was trying to show the ref he got fouled, maybe try to finish the shot and inadvertently got him. I was kind of shocked when they went to go review because I didn't know what happened. But there's no intent. Watching the replay, I think that's clear.

Obviously, it's unfortunate he got kicked, but it was a normal reaction to a foul and to a play, and hopefully they see that when it comes to whatever.

Q. Did you think Draymond had his usual fire in this game, whether before or after that play?
STEPHEN CURRY: I thought we as a team didn't bring that energy. He might be more demonstrative when it comes to how it looks on the floor, but we didn't give each other anything to kind of springboard a run or a better performance tonight. So it doesn't always -- the energy can't come from him every single night. Like he does what he does and he brings that fire, but in the playoffs we have to be able to pick him up if it's not rolling early in the game. Anybody that steps on the floor has to bring energy.

Q. I know you guys and the whole team are used to taking contested shots and making them, but what were the Thunder doing specifically defensively to try to disrupt your offensive rhythm and flow there?
STEPHEN CURRY: It was, I think for us it was a situation where three or four empty possessions with misses, them coming down in transition scoring, it was just a bad flow out there, and we couldn't stop it. I mean, that was basically it. Six minutes in the second quarter decided the game. If we make one or two of those shots, maybe we can keep a little bit or gain some momentum. But, you know, it was just a downhill slide that last six minutes of the second quarter that -- our shot selection could have been better, and on the road you have to do something about stopping runs, just like we did in Game 2. So we've got to learn from it.

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