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May 22, 2016

Klay Thompson

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Game Three

Game 3

Oklahoma City 133 - Golden State 105

Q. Klay, when they went small earlier in the series, it wasn't that effective. It was very effective tonight. What was the reason when they took Adams and Kanter out that they were really effective tonight?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think they got way too easy in the lane. Their penetration on the offensive end really broke us down, and that's uncharacteristic of us. We've got to learn to make them beat us from the outside in. They obviously shot the ball great tonight. But if we just get back to what we're doing and that's protecting the paint, we'll be successful.

It was very uncharacteristic of us tonight on both ends of the floor. I mean, you only finish with 19 assists and that's not like us. We're usually around the 25 to 30 range, so we've got to get back to what we do best.

Q. You guys were down 10 early and then you came back and tied the game in the second quarter and then things just kind of fell apart after you guys tied the game. What do you think in particular went wrong for you in that second period?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think our offense led to their transition. Made too many quick shots. We didn't play with great poise like we did in Game 2 and break them down with ball movement and player movement. That's on me. That's on our starters. I think our bench did a great job coming in there and playing with great poise and getting good shots. So come Game 4, we've just got to grind them out. I mean, we know that we can't have both Westbrook and Durant combine to shoot over it looks like 60 percent. We're not going to win that way. One of those guys got to have an off-night.

Other than that, I think we didn't match their energy or exceed it. We've got to exceed the energy in this building because they're so good at home.

Q. Klay, the team has struggled with quick shots throughout the playoffs. What can you do to break that cycle? Is it a focus thing or something else?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think it's focus. I think it's just staying disciplined with the game plan. You have so many great scorers on this team that a quick shot might feel like a great shot for them, but we've got to realize they play their best players heavy minutes and if we just move the ball and cut a lot and do what we've done all year, I think they'll get tired towards the end of the game because it's tough playing 40, 45 minutes.

But that's just something we've got to watch the film on and make the adjustment Tuesday. You'll see the ball moving from side to side more, and hopefully we'll get a lot better looks.

Q. You and Steph both had sub-par nights shooting from the three-point line tonight. Were they doing anything different on defense?
KLAY THOMPSON: I don't think so. I missed two easy corner threes. I missed a wide open one, too. They really haven't done anything different since Game 1. Obviously give them credit. They made us miss shots. But a lot of those shots we took were tough, and come Tuesday we've just got to realize we've got to play chase with this team. We can't just go out there and try to outgun them because they've got some of the best players in the world.

So we've got to just use our poise and our depth and I think we're still in a good position, believe it or not. We've been down 2-1 before, and we've played with our backs to the wall. When we feel threatened, I think everyone raises their level of intensity and their level of play. So it's not time to panic for our team, and it's just time to get back to the basics and simplify the game and we'll be all right.

Q. This is a team you guys beat three times in the regular season. They've got you twice now in the last three games. What is the biggest difference you notice with the Thunder now versus when you first saw them?
KLAY THOMPSON: It's tough to say. It's feels like it's the same kind of game. Obviously Game 2 and 3 were different than in the regular season. Those games felt like they went down to the wire. So did Game 1. They really haven't done much different since I've been in the league. They're just a very talented team. Obviously, playing together this many years helps, and a lot of guys on their team play their roles well. Other than that, it doesn't feel that much different. It feels every game is going to be a dogfight with this team.

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