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May 22, 2016

Joe Borgia

Vince Cellini

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Game Three

Game 3

Oklahoma City 133 - Golden State 105

VINCE CELLINI: We're going to talk about the most visible play of the night. With that, we welcome in Joe Borgia, NBA Senior Vice President of Replay and Referee Operations.

Joe, we're talking about Draymond Green and Steven Adams. Just under six minutes left of the first half. Draymond Green assessed a Flagrant 1 when he brings the leg up, contact with Steven Adams' groin. How is that a Flagrant 1 and that determination made?

JOE BORGIA: Well, first of all, on the play you have Steven Adams fouls Draymond in the act of shooting. So we have that first foul where Draymond's going to shoot two shots. Now we have dead-ball contact where Draymond's leg comes forward, contacts Adams. The officials caught it, but they weren't exactly sure how severe it was, so they elected to come over to replay. They came to replay. They looked at all the different angles, and at the end of the replay the officials on the court decided that this was unnecessary contact and ruled it a Flagrant Foul 1.

VINCE CELLINI: Take us a little deeper in this. What is the process for reviewing those flagrant fouls? How is that run through and put through to define exactly what we're looking at?

JOE BORGIA: Well, tomorrow the League Office will review all the angles. Every flagrant foul called during the season is reviewed by the League Office to see if it should be downgraded or to see if it should be upgraded and additional penalties. So that will be done tomorrow when Kiki [VanDeWeghe] and everybody gets back to New York they'll try to get every angle available. A decision will be made prior to Game 4.

VINCE CELLINI: Alright. Joe Borgia, that's the one that will be discussed around the water cooler come Monday all day long. Thank you for the insight. Always a pleasure to speak with you following games.


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