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May 22, 2016

Logan Couture

Joe Pavelski

St. Louis, Missouri: Practice Day


Q. (No microphone.)
JOE PAVELSKI: I think anytime you put a performance out that's not up to our standards, you just kind of get back to basics.
We could have broke the puck out better, had a little bit better support, just engaged more.
Those are things to a guy we can fix.

Q. Have you reviewed the tape already? What did you see? Anything stand out?
JOE PAVELSKI: I think after the game we realized we could have been better, could have been a lot harder, in areas we could have been cleaner, we didn't execute. The support wasn't there. We just got caught on the wrong side of the puck.
You can't have that this time of the year. They were prepared to lay pucks in, be a little bit harder. We definitely have to get back and fix that.

Q. You have had a tendency to respond to these type of games throughout the season.
JOE PAVELSKI: Yeah, I mean, this time of the year, games, you don't get that many of them. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, you have to be prepared for that next game.
So you try to learn from that last game, and the next game's another opportunity. We got to come out with a little bit more energy and be a little bit better prepared.

Q. Logan, is it easier to have that edge with the series tied?
LOGAN COUTURE: It shouldn't be. But it's the best‑of‑three now. Move on and get ready for the next one. Throughout these playoffs, when we've had a poor game, we've responded well the next one.
We're looking forward to do that.

Q. Why do you think you guys are so good at responding?
LOGAN COUTURE: Tough to say. I mean, we've battled through a lot this season. When we're pushed, we've pushed back.
We know in our room we didn't play well at all last night. We made a lot of mistakes that we haven't been making throughout these playoffs. But Game5 is a new opportunity for us.

Q. This is probably the most obvious things. Do you expect special teams to play a big role in these last three games?
LOGAN COUTURE: Yeah, I think so. We want to stay out of the box. Took a couple too many penalties last game. They've got a good power play.
Our power play wasn't great last night. It's usually what happens when we're not playing well, our special teams isn't great either.

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