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May 22, 2016

Eddie Pepperell

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. 76 yesterday without a single birdie on the card, 66 today with eight of them. What was the difference in your play?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I guess I got off to a fast start. Holed a couple of putts and then you know what golf's like, when you hole nothing for a few holes, it seems very difficult to hole the putt, and that's the way it felt yesterday.

I came out this morning and got off to a good start, which I needed, because I felt a little disappointed with the way I played yesterday. Felt I threw myself out of the tournament. So to get a good start, get some adrenaline back, and seeing the putts go in was a nice feeling. I just kept it going.

Q. You played beautifully in The Irish Open last year, losing out in a playoff. Is it the crowd that inspires you? Do you particularly enjoy this event?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I love the event. It's a proper event. There's lots of people about and you feel like you're performing, I guess. I received great support from the fans in Ireland. I'm half-Irish, not sure many of them know that, but I love Irish people. They are so much fun. It's a great country. Okay, they get a bit too much rain, but it's brilliant. Couldn't ask for much more from the event.

Q. Another proper event next week at the BMW PGA. You've played well in the past. Are you looking forward to that one?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I am, because I feel like I've made a lot of progression this week, particularly with my irons, and I feel like next week is a real iron player's golf course. You haven't got to hit many drivers off the tee if you do not want to.

I think it sets up well for me generally the course. I need to keep doing what I'm doing on the greens and keep doing what I'm doing in terms of the swing and just play golf and see where it goes from there I think.

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