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May 22, 2016

Matthew Southgate

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Try and sum up this day for me.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I can't really put it into words really at the minute. It hasn't really sunk in. I've been playing each shot as it comes the whole way. Like all day yesterday with Rory, all day today. Even when I hit a snap-hook straight off the first into the water, I just put it straight out of my mind. I just put a big smile on my face and I just kept coming again and again.

That's just what they added up to. I just hit each shot and that's what they added up to.

Q. Some viewers might not be aware of your story. You went through a major health issue last summer. How proud of what you've achieved since then, going through Tour School and coming here and doing this.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's incredible. I can't put it into words. I've worked my whole life to be doing things like this, and to do it -- I can barely talk about it. I'm choked up about it. It's a fantastic week. My dad's here and it's been incredible, absolutely incredible.

Q. What does this do for you going forward?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: My goal for the year was to keep my card and that's just done it there. I'm absolutely thrilled to bits. I've heard people for years say, just one good week, one good week. It's hard, you know, you're on The Challenge Tour, or on the Euro Pro Tour, it's very difficult to see where that week is going to come from. Absolutely thrilled to bits that I've done that this week and that means a lot to a lot of people, including me, which is great.

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