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May 22, 2016

Matthew Southgate

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Tell me how special this week has been?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's been absolutely incredible. I wasn't even in the tournament Monday night. I was still first reserve and when I got the phone call, I thought, right, this is a big opportunity. I've been playing great for weeks. Something like this has been coming and I've been working really, really hard at it. I just stuck with my guns, done the stuff I've been working on in practice and it's all paid off.

Q. So much that's good across this week, isn't there, the controlled play, the scoring, the birdie at the last to make sure of a very prominent finish.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's all been great. Everything just clicked into place this week. I think tournament golf can be such a roller coaster. Sometimes you can play get and you don't get a great result and other times, you don't play great and you get a decent result out of nowhere. And this is where I week where I played great and got a great result for it.

Q. Playing with Rory, how was that experience?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It was absolutely fantastic. Rory was a gentleman. Love to see him win it. He's a great guy, and the fans that he brings, they are so respectful. They love Rory. Every tee you walk off, Rory's their man, and it was a great environment to play, an absolute privilege to play with such a great player.

Q. Do you feel that you learn and grow by that experience?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I think I have the right personality to learn. I'm very open to learn stuff. I like having a chat with good players, like just chatting to Rory on the way around is hugely beneficial, and something that you have to earn that. You can't just ring Rory himself. And to play in a massive tournament in round three, you have to earn that by playing well, and so I was proud to do that and I think I've learnt a hell of a lot from that. Hopefully next time come back a touch stronger and contend all the way through to last game Sunday.

Q. Every time we speak to you, we have to put it into context of what you've been through. A lot of money, a lot of points in this instance.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's huge. My goal for the year was to keep my card and I've achieved that by the end of May. That's a huge achievement for me. Now with the freedom of having some money in the bank, some points on the board, I'll free up and hopefully this won't be the last time you see results like this.

Q. There will be a lot of people very grateful about the play this week.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Oh, yeah, I think there will be a nice, big celebration going on somewhere tonight. Everybody will be chuffed for me and all the support I've had is fantastic from everybody, and I'm so grateful for that.

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