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May 22, 2016

Russell Knox

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. You started the day three back, had the lead at one point with three to go. Take me through your day.
RUSSELL KNOX: I played brilliant to be honest. I had loads of chances. Made some, missed some. I was very happy the way I played. Obviously 16 is a huge turning point. But I mean, the shots that Rory hit in the end, he deserves to win.

Q. You told me that you wanted to be in the final group and you knew it would be very pro-Rory. What was that experience like, and then when you grabbed the lead, what was the mind-set like?
RUSSELL KNOX: It was amazing. The Irish crowds are phenomenal here. Of course they are rooting for Rory, just like they would root for me in Scotland. But they were extremely respectful to Danny and myself, and if you hit good shots, they cheered us on. It was amazing.

Q. What was the mind-set for you like when you grabbed the lead on 16?
RUSSELL KNOX: I knew that it was a long way to go. Rory hits it further than anyone. Both were reachable for him.

I mean, disappointed to bogey 16. Didn't feel like I really hit that bad a shot. But he deserved it. He won it.

Q. So where does the needle settle between joy and disappointment this week?
RUSSELL KNOX: No, all joy, all joy. I shot 75 the first day and finished tied second. That's pretty good.

I'm thrilled with the way I played. I've played excellent today, and it could have been a lot more. The putter was just kind of so-so. But overall, what a week. I'm thrilled with the way I performed.

Q. And there were so many opportunities, as you say, in that final round, and so many positives?
RUSSELL KNOX: I thought when I got a head, I had a good chance, but bogeying a par 5 when he birdies it, that was a big turning point.

I mean, he won it. He hit the shots he had to hit coming down the last few holes. I had chances. I'm happy the way I felt I did and hit the shots. I mean, yeah, overall, very pleased.

Q. Does that make things feel better, though, if your opponent has won it, rather than you losing it?
RUSSELL KNOX: I think so. Maybe I could have got the tee shot in the fairway on 18, maybe been able to have a go or something. But all in all, I know I played good golf. I mean, that shot that Rory hit on 18 was a joke. What a way for him to finish, hats off to him.

Q. Bigger picture is good, as well, isn't it, points and money.
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. If I keep playing the way I'm playing, that's all I'm interested in. It's fun trying, that's for sure.

Q. Ryder Cup issues?
RUSSELL KNOX: Going to try not to think about it. Good golf takes care of everything.

Q. Going into Wentworth in a positive frame of mind?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. I can't wait, and Rory's not going, so that's good for me (laughs). We'll see.

Q. And next week you'll get your driver back?
RUSSELL KNOX: That's true. It did pretty good, though, I have to admit. But it would have been nice, right when it really mattered, to have old faithful. But thanks to David Lingmerth, he did a great job.

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