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May 21, 2016

DeMar DeRozan

Kyle Lowry

Toronto, Ontario: Game Three

Toronto - 99, Cleveland - 84

Q. You had a big game, 32 points. You seemed to gain confidence as the game went on, attacking off the dribble. Talk about your confidence and those 32 points scoring in the paint and off the dribble.
DeMAR DeROZAN: Just being aggressive, picking and choosing my spots, and not settling, not second-guessing, just being aggressive.

Q. Just wonder if both of you could comment on what Bis's performance meant to the team tonight.
DeMAR DeROZAN: It was amazing, honestly, it was amazing, man. Twenty-six rebounds. Protecting the rim. He was big time tonight. Without him tonight, we probably wouldn't get this win.

Q. Kyle, following up on what DeMar said, when Bismack Biyombo gives you 26 rebounds in a must-win game, four blocks and wags his finger numbers of times, what's the effect on all of you and on this crowd and on this series?
KYLE LOWRY: Well, he gives us that confidence. He gives us that rim protection. I think he had another game like this in Indiana where he had like 25 rebounds. He's been doing a great job of filling in when Jonas [Valanciunas] went down. But it gives us the confidence. It gives us the energy. It gets the crowd into it. Bis does a great job of just getting the crowd into it, and the crowd gets us into it. We feed off of that energy. Four blocks, 26 rebounds, there's no substitution for that.

Q. The Cavs have won games not just in this series but all playoffs in large part with that second-quarter lineup that they use to start the quarters, second and fourth. Tonight you guys handled that lineup very well. How much emphasis did you put on quick starts to the second and what did you do differently?
DeMAR DeROZAN: We learned from the last two games. That's when the lapses of the games started with us, and they took advantage of it in the first two games. We tried to withhold that tonight and tried to finish off the quarters strong. That's what we did. We had a rhythm, and we came out with the win.

Q. It seemed like it was a bit of a learning process to start the year with what passes could be thrown to Bis and what couldn't. In the middle of the fourth quarter there I think, Kyle, you had one assist to him, DeMar, you had two. What has that process been like learning where you could give him the play, and how big were the plays he made off those masses?
KYLE LOWRY: With Bis, you want to throw it up. He's super athletic. One thing about it, if you get it up in the air, he's going to go get it. You can throw him bounce passes. He's going to attempt to catch the ball. If he doesn't catch it, it's not our fault. It's nobody's fault at the end of the day. We've just got to throw him the ball. We trust in our teammates to make the right plays. For Bis, you throw it up to the rim, he's going to go get it, because there are not many guys who can jump up there with him.

Q. Kyle, you talked about it a little bit, but it was interesting just the comments from opposing players through the playoffs, the environment, the ACC, the reputation it's gaining as a place to play. It's tough on opponents, what's it like for you playing on a night like this?
KYLE LOWRY: We get nights like this often now, and it's fun. We need it. We want it. I don't know if the fans know how much we appreciate it, but we really do appreciate it, and we want them to be as loud as they possibly can. I think it affects other teams, and it gives us just that energy. We know we make a big run or we make a big shot or Bis gets a block and he goes and does his little thing, they love it. We feed off that positive energy.

Q. Kyle, when you get in early foul trouble, does it change the way that you defend going forward, or do you just have to keep playing your game and kind of hope?
KYLE LOWRY: No comment on that. No comment on that.

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