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May 21, 2016

Tyronn Lue

Toronto, Ontario: Game Three

Cleveland - 84, Toronto - 99

Q. Kyrie [Irving] seemed to limp off the court. Is he okay? What happened to him at the end of the game there?
TYRONN LUE: I'm not sure. I think he got the wind knocked out of him. So I'm not sure. I don't think it's anything serious.

Q. What did the Raptors do to take the paint away from you guys in this game?
TYRONN LUE: They did a great job of going under screens and pick-and-rolls. They did a great job when we penetrated the basketball of collapsing and getting back out to shooters. We were unable to knock down shots tonight, but I thought we got shots we wanted. We were open, and we'll be ready to make them next game.

Q. Bismack Biyombo, what he did out there? Were there assignments blown? What was the cause of him being able to cause havoc like he did on the defensive end, rebounding especially?
TYRONN LUE: Well, when you shoot 35 percent, there are a lot of rebounds available. With Biyombo being the biggest guy on the floor, he's going to get those rebounds on the defensive end. But the main thing is with him having eight offensive rebounds is big for them. It gives them energy, gives them extra possessions after you play good defense, and they continued to come up with the offensive rebounds. It's big for them, but he did a great job of protecting the paint. He had some blocked shots, and he rebounded the ball well.

Q. What did you make the Kevin Love's night, and what went into the decision not to play him in the fourth?
TYRONN LUE: Kevin missed some shots early. It wasn't having anything to do with the fourth quarter. Channing [Frye] started the fourth quarter, and it was just the way the flow of the game was going and I didn't think it was fair to get him back in with five minutes to go in the game when he's been sitting for so long. It wasn't anything he did wrong. It's just I don't think it was fair to put him back in in that situation.

Q. You only had 15 assists in the game. Wasn't a terribly low number. You missed a lot of shots. Was the ball moving well enough for you, you were just missing tonight, or could there have been better ball movement?
TYRONN LUE: We could have moved the ball better. I've got to go back and watch the film, but we could've moved the ball side to side a little better. They switched some pick-and-rolls that made us stagnant, they went under a few times, but I mean, 15 assists, we only had 28 makes. We'll be better the next game.

Q. You haven't had any nights like this in the playoffs. Is this just a bad night or do you come away seeing things that you need to change schematically?
TYRONN LUE: We just had a bad night. Give them credit. They played well. They played like a team with their back against the wall. They came out and they beat us. They were more aggressive. They were more physical. They were more active. They were faster. They beat us to the ball. You've got to give them credit for coming home, playing hard, feeding off their home crowd, and we've just got to play harder.

Q. You know what this building is like. Do you think it had a factor, the energy of this crowd, and maybe Biyombo got them going a little bit?
TYRONN LUE: Yeah, any time you play at home, it's always great. You have your home fans, and this is a tough arena to play in. They have great fans here, and they feed off the energy of the crowd. I thought Biyombo gave them a great lift of blocked shots, offensive rebounds. The crowd really feeds off of his energy, so he came out tonight and he played well.

Q. Coming into this, a lot of people were getting comfortable with the idea of you guys maybe going undefeated through the East. Is there something to be gained from this, just the fact that they've stumbled, now you've got their attention for whatever you may need to impart? Is there a good aspect of the loss in the sense that you guys hadn't lost in so long that there was a feeling that there was an invincibility building here that maybe you've got their attention in a different way now?
TYRONN LUE: Well, I would rather do that when we win. It would feel a lot better. But our team knows that we can play way better than we played. It really doesn't have to do with the play. I think it just has to do with the effort of playing harder, being more aggressive, being physical. They came out and they did that tonight, and that's why they was able to win the game.

Q. When you watched during the game as Biyombo did what he did and when you see that he wound up with 26 rebounds in a game this big for your team, what's your takeaway on that number and that performance?
TYRONN LUE: He just had a great game. He feeds off the crowd, like I said, very well. They feed off of him, and throughout the whole playoffs, when they play at home, he's been a force to reckon with, and he's been playing great here.

Q. Does it bug you when he waves his finger after he blocks shots?
TYRONN LUE: Well, you can always wave your finger when you're winning, but it's hard to wave your finger when you are losing. They were winning. They were kicking our butts, so he should have the right to wave his finger until we do something about it.

Q. I know in general you don't mind the three-point shot, so what did you think of the shots you took tonight? Were they within the rhythm of the offense, or were they too many based on the way you were playing tonight?
TYRONN LUE: I have to watch the film and see. I really don't know, to be honest.

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