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May 21, 2016

Gary Woodland

Irving, Texas

Q. Back to back, 64s. Nice present for you today, huh?
GARY WOODLAND: It is, yeah. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come. Turning 32 today.

But I got out of whack there on Thursday, playing some pretty good golf coming in and got Butch on the phone Thursday, sent him some video and really got me dialed back on track and I played some pretty good golf the last two days.

Q. What did he see on the video?
GARY WOODLAND: I was excited because I've been playing so good. I think I was pressing a little bit. My alignment got off. I was a little tight and rushing everything. Slowed me down, got me to relax. Get back to the some of the fundamentals we were working own and kind of got me back out pretty good.

Q. 4 of 14 fairways and still --
GARY WOODLAND: Yesterday I drove the ball beautifully. Today I really struggled driving the golf ball. The iron game was on point. Putter felt great. I got some breaks from where I hit it but outside of that, got to slowdown and hopefully drive the ball in play tomorrow and good things should happen.

Q. You did this all on the phone, you sent him a video?
GARY WOODLAND: Technology is a great thing these days. You can get a lesson with Butch. He was moving, doing some stuff. It was nice to get him on the phone, send him some video.

It was nice having a late tee time on Friday. I got to come out early and got some work in Friday morning before I played. Really, it was good.

Q. Do you consider yourself frustrated then after your 1st Round?
GARY WOODLAND: I was very frustrated. I played some good golf. I let some things get away on Sunday at Players. I played some good golf heading into the last couple of weeks. This is four in a row for me so it's a lot of golf. I don't usually play four in a row.

Kind of got out of whack. Pressed a little bit I think on Thursday. Nice to slow down and kind of get back to fundamentals and I've been playing good golf.

Q. How would you sum up this year?
GARY WOODLAND: This year? It's been very frustrating. I've been healthy. Just haven't put things together. I played a lot of good three round tournaments. Unfortunately, we play four. Hopefully this is the week I still put three good rounds together and good things will be good tomorrow.

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