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May 21, 2016

Bud Cauley

Irving, Texas

Q. Bud, you made a great run there at the middle of the round, 4 birdies in 5 holes. How did you do it here today?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. That was a nice little part in the middle of the round. I got off kind of shaky, didn't hit too many solid iron shots. Got a little run there and then kind of missed a few coming in. All in all, pretty good.

Q. Tell me how you're feeling now about Sunday with a chance to challenge for this title?
BUD CAULEY: I'm excited. Going to hit a few balls, see if I can work the irons out a little bit. I feel like I'm playing well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. All told, you go into Sunday with a chance to win a golf tournament again. How do you feel you are handling that situation here on Saturday?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, I played well. I got off to a little bit of a squirrely start, missed a few greens, had some nice up and downs. Kind of there in the mild of my round when I went my best, gave myself some good looks at birdies and hit a lot of subpar iron shots coming in. Going to try to work it out on the range and hopefully get rid of that tomorrow.

Q. What are the things you're going to work on specifically to try to make sure it's you that lifts the trophy tomorrow?
BUD CAULEY: I'll have to hit a few irons. I drove it pretty well. Pushed it there a little bit on 189 but kind of tough shot today with the wind out of the left. Yeah, I left a lot of iron shots out to the right. I think if I can get that fixed up, should be able to have a good chance for tomorrow.

Q. Give us a view of your round today.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. Got off a little squirrely but I had some nice up and downs. I probably hit it my best in the middle part of my round, had some birdies there before the turn and after and I missed a few iron shots coming in. But, all in all, played pretty solid.

Q. Feel good to be back in the hunt again after such a long layoff?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. It's a lot of fun. Obviously played and practiced a lot at home and that's all good but it's nice to be back out here where it matters and you get the juices flowing again and it's it was a fun.

Q. Did you feel any nerves at all?
BUD CAULEY: I feel fine. I feel like I'm playing well, which always helps. Nice not to worry and go out there and play. I really enjoyed the day. I always enjoyed playing with Sergio and Brooks. It's a lot fun.

Q. Getting into a rhythm, not being able to play yearly this season and maybe this week you feel like you're a little bit better rhythm?
BUD CAULEY: It is tough, especially coming off an injury where I haven't played. To play a couple and into it, you know, it's tough. So, I played a lot, try tried to play a lot more golf last week at home just to get myself into better rhythm coming in and here knowing I'm going to play a few -- play quite a bit, this sure helps also.

Q. Did you play a decent amount of golf with Brooks?
BUD CAULEY: We played some in college. I haven't played with him since we turned pro because he's over in Europe for awhile and when he's kind -- once he's been back out here I've been hurt. We haven't played that much.

Q. How would you describe his game?
BUD CAULEY: I know he hits it far. High cuts and putts it well. He's been playing well. I don't think there's too much not to like about his game.

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