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May 21, 2016

Russell Knox

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Considering the difficult conditions and the start, stop nature of the day, how pleased with a round of 70?
RUSSELL KNOX: I played horrible to be honest. I hit it all over the place and managed to just salvage a round somehow, getting up-and-down. Birdied some of the par 5s. I'm thrilled with 70.

Q. You had one stroke of very good fortune, the second shot at 16 just before the second delay.
RUSSELL KNOX: I think I was due a good break after last week. I had a good hybrid distance and I just chunked it. I had given up on it to be honest and when I saw it hit the rock, I was like, that's going forward. So I was very fortunate there. But I feel like after last week, I was due a good break like that.

Q. So tomorrow, obviously going into the final round where you have a chance to win but chasing some very classy players. How do you approach it?
RUSSELL KNOX: Hopefully I'll just play like I did on Friday and then I'll have a chance. Game feels good but just don't know with the weather. Just comes down to if I can get the ball in play off the tee to be honest and see if I can putt. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. You mentioned getting into a playoff. Still using the borrowed driver from Lingmerth because yours is broken?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I was a little worried on the first hole when I hit is 70 yards right into the trees. But after that it was okay to be honest and I drove it fairly well.

Q. What's your take on a third round 70 in disruptive conditions?
RUSSELL KNOX: I'm thrilled to be done. I didn't play my best today but I was very proud of how I hung in there, and I chipped and putted nicely and kept the round alive.

Q. When you have more than three-and-a-half hours' delay, does it affect you?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, obviously a little tired as everyone is out there, and it's so cold now. It's tough to really kind of let it go at the end. I was happy to just kind of limp in making a few pars. Would have been nice to finish with a birdie but at the same time, thrilled with 70.

Q. Does the nature of the course change, as well, in these conditions when it's had so much rain on it in that time?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's a hard course, and when you're finishing these last few holes and when it's this kind of cold and wet, they are very difficult. You can make birdies but you can also make bad scores. So it's a great finish.

Q. Very nice position, so you could be in for a great finish, couldn't you, repeat what you did yesterday?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely, I'm in a great position. Looking forward to it. I've had a couple good performances in a row now. Be nice to have a good round tomorrow and see what happens.

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