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May 21, 2016

Matthew Southgate

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's obviously difficult when it's stop, start like this. The weather was very similar to what I got in the first two rounds. Didn't really change the playing conditions very much. The wind and rain was similar to what we had the first couple of days but obviously the stop, start and stuff made it quite a difficult day.

Q. In terms of that, mentally that must be quite taxing, as you said, all the stopping and starting?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's very draining, yeah. Warming up three times a day and sitting around waiting, not knowing when we're going to get back out and stuff, it's just mentally draining. Rory looked very tired at the end. He's gone straight to the hotel. I think everybody is going to be in that boat.

Q. How difficult is it to just concentrate on the golf in these conditions?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It's very difficult, because you have to be so precise on this golf course to make sure you miss the wet rough and stuff; that one lapse in concentration, you can find yourself in a spot of bother. It's very difficult and you have to find a way to switch on for that 10, 15 seconds when you're about to hit the shot and save your energy.

Q. Very positive week.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I can't complain with the way I've played. I've given a real good account of myself. It was a difficult thing to go out and play with Rory in front of a home crowd, and I felt like I really handled myself well, so I've definitely taken positives from that, because that's something I hope happens again in the future in the same sort of prestigious tournaments.

Hopefully come back in the morning and improve and go again tomorrow when we get started.

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