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May 21, 2016

Mike Sullivan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Practice Day

Q. Is everything okay with Tyler Johnson?
COACH SULLIVAN: As of last night after the game, everything was okay. Unless he woke up with the flu, he should be all right.

Q. Did he go to the dentist today?
COACH SULLIVAN: That's a question for the trainers. I would imagine -- if he didn't go this morning, he's going to have to go at some point.

Q. As well as Vasilevskiy has played, when Bish is cleared, just how easy of a decision is it to go back to Bish?
COACH SULLIVAN: That's a question you've got to ask when Bish is cleared.

Q. Victor was asked last night, which team will show up, the Game 3 Lightning or the Game 4 Lightning in Game 5? He said, well, that's the question, isn't it? Is it hard to gauge momentum in any playoffs series, period to period, shift to shift?
COACH SULLIVAN: I think you're going to get that in a best of seven, and the more games you add, the more of a roller coaster ride it's going to be. You have to understand that it's -- you know, those Game 1 and 2s are the feel-out process, but you can't -- I think desperation level comes in at some point during the series, and you look at Pittsburgh losing Game 1, they had to have Game 2. And even though we were right on the brink, game goes to overtime, they take it.
They came into Game 3, and they had a little bit more want than we did in that game.
Now you get to Game 4, our desperation level is as high as it can be, and we take Game 4.
I think, when you start peeling down a series -- now you're down to a best of three, and ultimately now, you're probably getting two desperate teams. So I don't know you're going to see anybody's "B" team as we go on here.

Q. How about the fact that Fleury may be the one end up being called on net in Game 5? Did you have an opportunity to play against him in the regular season?
COACH SULLIVAN: I think he's been their franchise goalie for a number of years, and I don't think it really changes anything because ultimately they're playing with a guy that was on fire. He's carried them to this point.
So I think whatever decision they make, you still got to put the puck behind them, and they're both really good National Hockey League goalies. So it doesn't change our mindset at all. You've still got to find a way to get it behind them.

Q. Is there nothing at all on Bishop?
COACH SULLIVAN: No, not this morning.

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