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May 21, 2016

Jason Garrison

Alex Killorn

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Practice Day

Q. How much -- it kind of goes without saying, but how much momentum can you gain from what you guys were able to do last night?
ALEX KILLORN: I think it was huge. I think, after Game 3, we wanted to have a much different game. You know, wipe a clean slate, and I think we did that.
I think it's more important that we do the same thing after Game 4 and focus in on Game 5.

Q. As you look to Game 5, obviously, Pittsburgh, they consider themselves to be a resilient team as well. They're going to step it up, so you have to look at it from your standpoint that maybe the effort you gave last night might have to be amplified a little bit more.
ALEX KILLORN: I think so. I think we played two really strong periods. I think we played really well, but it seemed like we were leaking a little bit of oil in the third. I think we'd like to be back in that position and prove that we can finish a game better.
I think we know they're going to come with a lot in Game 5. Like you said, they're a resilient team, just like us. So we expect a lot of that out of them.

Q. Has this been a fun series for you, or is it sort of a mentally, emotionally grinding type series?
ALEX KILLORN: They're all pretty emotionally grinding, but they're all fun as well. Whenever you get this far, there's a lot more cameras, a lot more people watching. The intensity is a lot higher. For players like me, it makes it a lot more fun.

Q. What type of impact does it have on you guys if they change goalies for Game 5?
ALEX KILLORN: Doesn't change anything we do. We faced him in the third period. He's a good goalie. He's won a Cup. He's done a lot of good things. We can't worry too much about what they do with their goalie. It doesn't change anything we do.

Q. What did the first two periods last night show you -- maybe you believed it anyway, but that you could play your game the way you wanted to play your game and have success against this team?
ALEX KILLORN: Whenever you score a goal in the first shift, that's great for your confidence and building momentum. I think we were playing a lot more of a physical game last night, really making their defense play defense instead of getting up the ice and playing offense. I think that that wears on a team, and throughout a game, you can be more successful doing that.

Q. What's the team's confidence level after that game, getting that win last night?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, I mean, it's obviously a huge game for us, big win. I think it builds confidence for our team, but it's just a game, you know. It's a best of seven series. So there's lots more to go.

Q. Does it also build confidence in the fact that you have won there in the playoffs in this series?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, going into this series now, like you said, we won one game, so we know we can do it in that building. But I know this next game's a really big game for us.

Q. How much more do you have to heighten the game knowing that Pittsburgh is going to come back? They're obviously going to heighten theirs.
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, that's kind of seems how it works in the playoffs. But I think we know what to expect in their building, and I don't think it's going to be any different than the way that they played their last few games.

Q. Will you take anything from Game 5 last year against the Rangers going into this Game 5?
JASON GARRISON: I mean, yeah, I think just the -- you know, that experience of going into a situation, similar, on the road, but I think it's always hard to play in the opposing buildings. And I don't think it's going to be any different. It's usually the same. They play really aggressive in their building, and I think that's what we're going to expect tomorrow.

Q. How close were you two guys to playing the game you need to play to win in this series yesterday?

Q. How close were you as a team to playing the way you need to play in this series?
JASON GARRISON: Last night we definitely put a full game together. You know, obviously, had a little bit of a lapse in the third, but that's the way we need to play for a full 60 from here on out.

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