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May 19, 2016

Martin Kaymer

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

MARTIN KAYMER: It was very difficult, especially the first nine, our back nine today -- the back nine on the golf course, it was a little gusty and it was raining. It was difficult to hit the fairways, because you had so much water on the clubface. The golf course played fairly long and the greens, I was hoping they would be good in the morning, but with the rain, they would be very difficult. Overall, shooting 3-under par is a great round.

Q. And obviously the highlight of the round was your eagle?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, had a massive drive right down the fairway, and hit a long iron into the green and it was just a bonus to make one of those 30-footers or whatever it was for eagle. It's a big bonus on greens like that.

But I think the greens are very tricky. They are fairly bumpy, especially now when it gets wet, a lot of footprints for the guys in the afternoon, it might be even more difficult. It could be difficult.

Q. Tough conditions out of the gate, how would you assess your 3-under 69?
MARTIN KAYMER: I played really good golf today. I gave myself a lot of chances. Missed three or four putts within six, seven feet still and shot 3-under par, which obviously says a lot about the ball-striking. I was very happy the way I hit my drives today. They were long and straight, and that's always a positive.

Q. What did you find with the driver to be able to take advantage?
MARTIN KAYMER: It was just a little bit of a technical thing. In Sawgrass last week, I found something on Sunday, because my clubface was too open, my backswing. It's a very little change, but sometimes, you're not aware of that, and I saw it on TV. I just fixed it on Sunday and felt good.

Q. When you see conditions like this, what's the approach like for this week, when it's soggy conditions?
MARTIN KAYMER: Close your eyes, get your rain gear on and just try to hang in there. This morning it was very hard and very easy to lose the tournament already after nine holes. It was very hard to hit the fairways. You had so much water on the clubface on the woods, and then hitting the fairways was very tricky. And once you miss the fairway, we all know how difficult it can back.

The greens, they are not in perfect shape, and then when it was wet this morning with a few footprints close to the hole, doesn't make it easier.

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