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May 19, 2016

Shane Lowry

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Happy with the start?
SHANE LOWRY: I felt good. I hit the ball really well today, a lot of good iron shots, especially on my back nine, the front nine there. If anything, my second shot on 9 was almost too easy. It was 150 yards straight downwind. It was just a little wedge and I hit about an inch behind it.

I'm happy the way the day went. I feel like I probably should be at least two or three better, but they don't give out trophies on Thursday, so I'm in the tournament. The scoring is not too hectic out there.

I'm looking forward to the next few days.

Q. The tournament has not been here in a while. Does the familiarity you have with The K Club help you?
SHANE LOWRY: Definitely, when you get on the tee, like I hardly even have to ask for a line on some holes. I know the course, so I can just stand up there and play my own game like I'm playing with the lads, just pick up the driver and hit it.

Q. The second shot on the last hole, is that a little bit of focus, concentration after a grueling round in the rain?
SHANE LOWRY: The ball was above my feet and turned it. That part of the fairway was very soggy. I caught it quite heavy. That's just, these things happen, you hit shots like that. It's not the end of the world. If anything I should have gone down and got it up-and-down because it was a fairly straightforward bunker shot. I actually had a good up-and-down for a five. I would have been really disappointed if I was sitting there at level par.

But like I said, I'm pretty happy the way the day went. I feel like I hit the ball well. Obviously I feel like I played well last week at Sawgrass. When you can go out and shoot the scores around there that I did last week, you feel like you can go to any course and play well.

Q. How important is it remembering the state of mind you were in on the Friday night at Sawgrass heading into the next three days?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, like obviously this is a new week, and I didn't have the best of weekends, but if you take away my first four holes on Saturday, it wouldn't have been a bad weekend. That's the way I kind of have to look at it. You have to look at it as Brian said there, the glass half-full. Need to take the positives. I don't see anyone shooting really low out there today. It's quite tricky. It's windy. The greens, you know, are quite tough to hole putts on. I'm pretty happy where I'm sitting right now.

Q. Plenty of friends and family following you around today?
SHANE LOWRY: A few out there and should be a few more tomorrow afternoon. I don't know if I like the early starts but it is quite an early start for everyone today. There's a few out there, my dad is out there and my mum is coming out tomorrow.

Q. Do you feel you have the mix right at The Irish Open, giving your time to everyone else and the focus on what happens over the four days?
SHANE LOWRY: Yesterday was a bit -- sometimes when you get a late Pro-Am, you're not really supposed to get an early tee time. It's kind of almost a nearly unwritten rule. I only left the golf club at 8.00 last night and was back ten hours later. Just something you deal with. I do it week-in, week-out.

As regards to getting the line right of giving people my time, I try and give people as much time as I can. Some people that you just wander around the place for the whole week and do as much as you can, but it's important for us to rest up. It's important for me to do what I have to do this afternoon, go home, and happily enough I can go back to my own house and chill out and might watch a few shots in the afternoon.

Q. Have you heard about Muirfield, any views on men-only golf clubs?
SHANE LOWRY: I mean, obviously I don't really know to be honest. I don't really know the answer to that question. It's like, I mean, I think if they want to get The Open back, I think they are probably going to have to go the other way. That's just my opinion. It's a great venue. I played The Open there a couple years ago, great golf course. Be disappointing if the Open doesn't go back there because of that situation. That's all I have to say about that.

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