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May 19, 2016

Callum Shinkwin

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. An excellent opening round of 68 we very much enjoyed watching. What was it like from your point of view?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It was good. I played pretty solid, holed a couple of long putts on my front nine finished off with a nice little 10-footer at the last.

Q. Did you come in with high expectations, as your form has been improving?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Sort of. I've been playing quite well, and in playing the practise round, the course isn't that easy and obviously the scoring shows it, as well. Just keep doing what I've been doing the last few weeks and who knows.

Q. You came onto The European Tour via the Challenge Tour. What were your hopes for your rookie season?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Just play as well as I can, really. It's nice to show people how well I can play and I feel like I've done it so far, but I wouldn't want to raise the bar too high at the moment. I just want to carry on what I'm doing.

Q. You have got a very experienced caddie, David McNeilly, lots of wins under his belt. How valuable is his experience?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It's good, because he makes many he relax. I actually enjoy being out there. Whereas, before trying by myself, I didn't really enjoy myself. It's quite lonely. You're not really having much fun. I know it's my job, but you want to still enjoy it. And with him on the bag, I enjoy it, and so does he, as well, I think.

Q. Your cousin, Miles, is quite an established boxer with big a reputation. Did you do any boxing in your past?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: I did when I was younger, and I've got a brain, so I moved off the sport.

Q. What are your thoughts on shooting a 68?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: I played great. The forecast wasn't meant to be this good for this afternoon, and I think we've managed to sneak away with the best part of the draw.

Q. Do you feel lucky as a result?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Possibly a little bit but the weather forecast in Ireland, very mixed, comes in good, comes in bad, and just expect what you get.

Q. The weather has been tricky, hasn't it, because the winds are up in the afternoon.
CALLUM SHINKWIN: The winds are up. I had a couple misjudgment on the winds on the back nine, which is the front nine. Into the first felt like it switched to go straight off the left and I know it was into, so tried to force it. Then 9, as well, it kind of wasn't really there and it just gusted up during the shot.

Q. Nice number of birdies out there and some particularly long putts, as well.
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Yeah, a couple of long putts. I think 17 was my best one. It was looking like it was struggling to get there, and then it got there quite easily and it went in with a bit of speed, which is nice.

Q. Good to know that the form is still very much there. How have you reacted after that wonderful low round in China, then suffering a little bit on the day that followed.
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Yeah, me and David, we worked out what went wrong, and the week after, we had a week off, and then we played Morocco and played pretty solid. Didn't putt as well as we wanted to but we kept doing what we did the last few holes in that final round in China.

Q. Even though this is a particularly big event with some big-name players all around, I suppose you stay level-headed and keep the game on gear?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Even with the big names, Willett and Westwood and McIlroy, as well, still got to play my own game and hit every shot one at a time.

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