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May 20, 2016

Stacy Lewis

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. What was going right out there today?
STACY LEWIS: The putts were going in. I hit the ball a lot better today and gave myself some better looks and made the putts. The golf course is just playing hard. It's playing long. You have a lot of long irons into the par-4s, so you're not going to make a ton of birdies, and when you do hit it close, you need to make the putt.

Q. I saw three of your birdies, and none of them were very long. You must have been doing other things right, too.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I definitely hit the ball really good today. We did a good job of judging the wind because it was switching around out there today. I had a couple of short ones, which was nice. If I can get a couple of those long ones to go over the weekend, we'll be in really good shape.

Q. You and Ryu were down to the first two. When you're in that spot knowing you're ahead, how do you keep confidence?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I saw the leaderboard, saw we were 1 and 2 after the birdies on 7, and it's just those last two holes are hard. They're probably two of the hardest holes on the course. It's really just get it to the house. Try to hit as good a shots as you can, but take your pars and run.

Q. How do you mentally prepare yourself for the weekend given the fact that there's a lot of rain expected tomorrow. There's a possibility of going 36 on Sunday. Being in the position you are, how do you prepare yourself?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I'm happy with the round today. I needed a good score today to get up in contention and on the leaderboard, but it's just going to be a long weekend. You get ready for that. You get ready for delays and playing in the wet, and this golf course is going to get even harder. You just kind of mentally prepare for it and know it's going to happen, and if it doesn't, that's a great thing.

Q. Are there some players who are just better in bad weather than others, and how do you judge yourself in those kinds of conditions where the umbrella is up and you've got to keep dry and everything?
STACY LEWIS: Well, the caddie is really important, but just -- it's all mental. It's all do you feel like -- is it a good thing or a bad thing. I see it as a good thing because it's going to separate the field. Some people are going to see the rain and be frustrated by it and they're not going to play well. But if you see it as a challenge and see it as an opportunity to move up the leaderboard, then you're going to play well in it. I definitely think there's players that play well in it for that reason.

Q. So the worse the conditions, the better it is for the better players, just the more talented players do you think?
STACY LEWIS: Just better mentally, yeah. I look at a couple years ago in Atlantic City, it was super windy, just horrible conditions, and Karrie Webb was up on the leaderboard, and I wasn't in there, I was playing earlier, and I said, Karrie is going to win, because she's mentally better than anybody else on that leaderboard, and she did. It's just more of a mental test than anything. We all kind of know what the ball does when it gets wet. You know how it's going to react. It's just a mental challenge.

Q. How much were you and So Yeon playing off one another, just seeing you guys both play well today, by far the best two rounds of the day?
STACY LEWIS: Well, we both got off to a really good start. We were actually on 11, I hit a good shot in, I hit first, hit it to five, six feet, and I was the first one to putt. I was like, all right, I thought I hit a good shot here, I'd better make this putt. It was fun to see. When you see other people make birdies, it kind of frees you up to know that it's out there. Our whole group yesterday didn't really make that many birdies, and so it was kind of boring in a sense, so we were definitely kind of feeding off of each other.

Q. Did you make that putt?
STACY LEWIS: I did. We all made birdie on 11.

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