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May 20, 2016

Dion Waiters

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Practice Day

Q. What is the mood as you guys get back to work and get ready for this Game 3?
DION WAITERS: We're just talking about getting ready. That's the most important thing. Get a chance to play two games at home in front of the best fans in the world, so I think we came here with a lot of energy, attention to detail, and just trying to get ready.

Q. That detail, what are some of the overarching things that you guys want to do better in Game 3?
DION WAITERS: Most importantly just take care of the ball, continue to run our offense, and you know that's the most important thing. Just taking care of the ball, getting back in transition against a team like that and trying to not let them get in rhythm or get going.

Q. Kevin was saying that he feels like he needs to be a little bit more pass aware, pass out when they come to him. I wonder if maybe that pass ought to be the first pass and there ought to be a couple more behind it with more snap and more rhythm?
DION WAITERS: What they're doing is a little different. Catching the ball and running two at him. So as long as he's aware of it and he feels the guy coming, he's always going to make the extra pass and guys are going to be open. He knows that, so I'm not worried about that.

He can make adjustments during the game, figuring out what they're doing because they're just doing a lot of different things, just trying stuff. So that's all you've got to do.

Q. Kevin talked about after Game 2 that you guys can't relax now that you're back at home. Do you feel like that at all or do you feel that this team already knows that they have to come out?
DION WAITERS: You can't relax against a team like that. Just because we're home doesn't mean anything. We've got to come in here with the same mindset of taking care of business at home most importantly. Coming out with a lot of energy and just playing hard, playing together, playing smart. Especially against a team like this.

So we know they're going to come here and try to steal one. As long as we take care of home court advantage and do what we're supposed to do and leave everything out there, then we'll be fine.

Q. Did you like the looks you got the other night?
DION WAITERS: Yeah, I liked the looks, yeah. I'm not worrying about that. If I continue to get those looks, I'm going to make those shots. So that's where I'm going to get my repetitions up now on my shots and I'll be ready.

Q. Yeah, they looked pretty good.
DION WAITERS: Yeah, it felt good.

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