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May 20, 2016

Marc Warren

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. 6-under par, what did you do particularly well today?
MARC WARREN: I think everything was pretty solid overall I would say. Kept the ball in play off the tee, which is obviously important in these conditions, and short game is good. Nice chip in on 8, which is my 17th and finished with a nice birdie, as well, so overall a really good day.

On 8, it was just a tricky lie. Ball was quite a bit above my feet and into the grain, as well. Probably normally play that with a gap wedge, lob-wedge. Took a pitching wedge back in the stance and just ran it nicely all the way in.

Q. Give us a sense how the course is playing?
MARC WARREN: It's tricky, the wind. I think we got the really good side of the draw. As the round was going, the wind was moving about a bit, as well, so it was quite tricky clubbing-wise. But if the rain stays away, it will be pretty similar to what we had yesterday afternoon.

Q. Six missed cuts for you in nine starts this year, not what we expect from you. What's been the problem and have you felt this bit of form coming?
MARC WARREN: I felt, especially the last three events, two in China and Spain, I felt as if I was close to some decent form. But the schedule this year feels as if I've been stop, start a lot; not Top-50 in the world and not got into the events in America to fill in some of the downtime we have on The European Tour. Feel I was more rusty than anything else.

Q. How were you able to put together such a nice number?
MARC WARREN: I think being pretty solid off the tee is the key to the round today. Kept it in play and from there, able to hit some good iron shots into the greens. But anything under 70 would have been a really good score this morning, so pleased with 66.

Q. What's changed this week to put yourself in such a great spot through 36 holes?
MARC WARREN: I think more just game time on the golf course I think. First few months of the season, a little bit of stop, start, scheduling-wise. Feel as if I'm starting to get into a little bit more of a run now, so hopefully that's the reason for the good form and hopefully it continues.

Q. We haven't seen a lot of low numbers this morning. What are conditions like?
MARC WARREN: It's windy. Got a little wet for a couple holes but fortunately that kind of went away towards the end. I think you'll see this afternoon the wind picking up as the day goes on, possibly a little bit wetter. But clubbing-wise, it's tricky, and try to keep the ball as low as you possibly can.

Q. 6-under par 66, all aspects of your game clicked?
MARC WARREN: I think on this golf course in these conditions, to shoot something in the mid 60s, you've got to be really on your game, and I feel as if I was today. Especially finishing three birdies in the last four holes to add a little shine to it; I'd have taken pars coming in.

Yeah, it was good. I think short game was really good when it needed to be, so I think overall, everything was pretty good.

Q. I know you've struggled to find your best form of late. What were your expectations heading into this week?
MARC WARREN: I'd say obviously quite low with recent form, but I don't think for me that's a bad thing, keep the expectations quite low. But I think my record in The Irish Open is pretty decent and I was confident and hopeful that I could continue that this week.

Q. Great position heading into the weekend?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, looking forward to it. I'm sure the crowds will be great, as well, and it's a good leaderboard, as well, so looking forward to it.

Q. What's your take on a 66 on still a blustery second day here?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, very pleased. I think the golf course is tough anyway, but given the conditions, even more so. So really pleased to get around. I'd have taken anything roundabout the 70 mark this morning. Greens were absolutely pure this morning, so delighted to take advantage of that.

Q. On top of the first round, that essentially was a pretty decent round in the conditions, as well, wasn't it?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it was pretty tough yesterday afternoon. I believe it was wet in the morning and we got it windy in the afternoon. Pleased to get around in 70 and continue that good form this morning.

Q. We haven't seen you on one of these boards in a little while. What's the story across the season?
MARC WARREN: Just having some rest, some downtime away from you guys; I wish it was that easy.

I don't know, been searching, working hard for it, and hopefully time is right coming into some great events this year starting with the Irish Open and hopefully it's the start of a run of good form.

I think it's been there or thereabouts. The cuts I've made haven't been that great and the cuts I've missed haven't been too bad. You're going to go through spells like that over the course of a season or over the course of two or three seasons. It's a matter of trying to be as patient as you possibly can.

Q. Is The Irish Open one of those that gets the juices flowing, as well?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely. Playing a couple group in front of Rory McIlroy's this morning and yesterday afternoon, and the atmosphere is incredible obviously the back of that. But I think it's renowned as one of the best events on The European Tour and one we all look toward to.

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