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May 20, 2016

Shane Lowry

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

SHANE LOWRY: Hit a good one shot on 12, just got the wind wrong. My momentum was just gone from there. Really struggled from there in the rain. I was just trying to get into the house as quick as I could. It was such a slog, I feel like the weather the last couple days hasn't been great.

But I'm happy enough to be in for the weekend. I've seen the forecast for tomorrow, seen it earlier on. I think it's pretty okay in the morning. If I can go out in the morning and give myself a chance to do something on the weekend.

Q. Do you feel hard done by with the draw?
SHANE LOWRY: That's the way it goes but I didn't do myself any favours. I think I let a good chance to shoot a good score yesterday slip by and that kind of hurt me today a little bit. I still feel like I'm playing okay. Don't know what I was doing with that second shot on the last there, but these things happen. That's golf and I managed to hole the putt, which showed a lot of bottle because I think I would be bitterly disappointed if I missed the cut.

Q. You certainly made life difficult for yourself on 18 but you'll be here for the next two days.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, you know, I'm ten behind. People have won from ten behind. If I can go out and shoot something in the mid 60s tomorrow, which I feel like my game is capable of doing. I was tentative on the greens today and really struggled after hitting in the water on 12. Mentally I lost it a little bit.

So I just need to get back on the horse and get out there tomorrow and enjoy it and try to shoot a decent score.

Q. This tournament means so much to you, a former winner; you can see the relief when you made that putt on 18.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was pure relief. Like I said I'm very happy to be around for the weekend. If you look at it, I don't know, I think 4-under might be inside the Top-10. I'm only six shots off that. If I can post something in the mid 60s, maybe I can be up there inside the Top-10 before the leaders tee off.

Probably tried a little too hard on the back nine to get myself back in the tournament. I suppose I made it hard for myself, forced it a little bit. There's no need to be hitting anywhere near that flag on 12, although I do feel like I hit a good one shot. We got the wind quite a good bit wrong and I feel like my momentum was killed there.

After 11, you just want to knock it on the green and 2-putt it. You have a few chances coming in. Even though 16 is playing tricky, if you leave yourself a decent wedge shot, it's a good chance, and obviously 18 is a good chance. Even 17 where the flag is, you hit a good one tee shot, it's a good chance.

So you know, I just needed to be more patient today and I wasn't. You know, I paid the price. I was lucky enough to hole that putt on the last. Shows great character and I'm pretty happy with that. Hopefully I can go out tomorrow and shoot a decent score.

Q. What did you hit to 18?
SHANE LOWRY: 4-iron. It was like 230 yards. It was just a 4-iron. I should have been hitting it at the flag, where the flag was yesterday. But just pulled it, kind of caught it a touch heavy and heeled it in the ground first.

Q. What were you hitting on 12?
SHANE LOWRY: We thought it was just a normal 7-iron. I struck the ball well. I know I was on a line too far left, but it was only 160 yards to carry it, which I should have done easily. You know, I got sucked into a couple of flags I suppose at the end. The pins were a little bit tougher today than they were yesterday.

Like if you look at it yesterday, all the holes with the water on it, the pins were away from the water. Whereas today, they were all kind of tucked close to it. That's just the way it goes.

Q. Do the conditions play a part -- does it frustrate you?
SHANE LOWRY: I sat at home yesterday watching the golf yesterday afternoon, and especially me having a late tee time, six hours in the Pro-Am, and when I left the course, just under 12 hours to the tee in the morning, that wasn't very nice, and then the weather, as well. But listen, that's what happens in golf. Especially when you're playing in Ireland, you're going to get the luck of the draw. Listen I got the luck of the draw back in County Louth; we'll take this one.

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