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May 20, 2016

Matthew Southgate

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Tell me your thoughts on 5-under at the halfway stage.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I'd have bitten your hand off it at the start obviously. I played some great stuff out there. We definitely got the wrong side of the draw there. I feel like the last few weeks on the Tour have been tough weather, so I think that's definitely helped coming in here, controlling some of the shots into the wind, and judging just how far left and how far right to start it when the wind is there.

I think the last few weeks have helped with that, so I'm not surprised that I've played well, but I'm chuffed to be out there.

Q. Could mess with your head, as well, bad weather and bad side of the draw.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, but sometimes it gets like that. I've always been quite a decent player when the weather gets tough. When I played my best generally is when it's a bit windy and a few other players don't deal with it so well. It suits me, not a big deal.

Q. The way the score was going, it looked like anything was possible for awhile and you were holing out nicely.
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I'd been hitting the ball well for weeks and I warmed up fantastic and I said to my caddie, going to try to imagine it's another ball out of the range bucket and just let it go. That worked quite effectively especially off the tee. I struggled with my driver in early part of the season, and I just picked it up and let it go today. Hopefully I can find a way to do that over the weekend.

Q. I know it's history but you finished the first round in style with an eagle to put you right up there on the leaderboard?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: We ended on a great yardage and it was a shot we had a couple times in the around, so I just pulled the trigger. Mentally my brain is not getting in the way on a lot of shots. There's a lot of shots coming right out of the middle of the club, which is great, so hopefully keep more of the same.

Q. Going to enjoy your position on the leaderboard in such a pristine tournament like this?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Looks like I'll be playing with Rory tomorrow, so that will be an experience in itself playing in the circus that will follow Rory. I'm looking forward to it, fingers crossed.

There's a very good chance I'll just be shaking his hand on the first tee and going about my business, to be fair. I think if I get caught up in the moment of watching Rory and playing with Rory, it's not going to help my game. We'll probably just -- we'll have lunch afterwards and have a chat then maybe.

Q. Given what you've gone through, are you able to approach golf in a different manner these days?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: To some extent, to some extent, yes. I still get extremely angry with myself on the golf course, which I think is only natural. We play the most frustrating game that's ever been. If I hit a bad shot and miss the green and don't curse myself a bit, there's something wrong, but dealing with it slightly better, but I still do get up yet, yeah.

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