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May 20, 2016

Russell Knox

Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Q. Before we talk about today's brilliant 66, like to go back to yesterday's 75, because I understand you cracked the face of your favorite driver. Was that a factor in the 75?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, let's blame the driver. No, I really wasn't to be honest. It was sounding a bit weird, but I hit a couple of bad tee shots because it was so cold and wet. I found it was cracked with maybe five or six holes to go, and when I got confirmation, I thought, I didn't want to hit 3-wood, because I had some long holes ahead. I just kept hitting it, and I hit one into the trees, but I think I hit four good ones.

No, it had nothing to do with it.

Q. Today a terrific round of 6-under par, the best this afternoon. What was the key?
RUSSELL KNOX: I mean, I had no expectations going out today using a driver I had hit 20 times before. My buddy, David Lingmerth, came over, also lives in Jacksonville and I was lucky enough to get his driver for the day. So it was good. I got it in play a lot. I actually hit a couple of really good ones, which was nice. But I just kept the ball in front of me, and I made a lot of nice putts.

Q. Irish Open, obviously this is your first time here, it's one of our favorite tournaments with the crowd being here, and you're in position on the weekend with a chance to win. How excited about that?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's amazing how terrible the weather is and how many people are out watching still. It's such a well supported tournament and I know the crowds on the weekend are going to be amazing. Hopefully I can get in the mix there on Sunday and see what happens. But no, it's kind of fun to play in this weather, really. Nobody like it is, but growing up in Scotland, it's fun to get wet once in awhile.

Q. Tell me how in ridiculously well conditions you've shot a wonderful round of 66.
RUSSELL KNOX: Pure fluke I think. I had no expectations today. I didn't really to be honest expect to even make the cut. Just went out there and made a birdie and made another birdie, and before you know it, I was really up for the round. I played really well today. I struck the ball nicely.

Q. Does it come down to attitude to make the transition from the score from yesterday?
RUSSELL KNOX: It was just a huge adjustment. I haven't been cold for a long time playing golf, and the weather yesterday was extremely challenging. I just wasn't used to making such a short turn, and I felt like I had no power.

Today, I think I had at least one round under my belt, so it was a little bit better, and I was able to make an adjustment. We knew coming over here, you're going to get every season in a week. I'm thrilled to be here. It was on the schedule for a long time, as well as next week, and I look forward to playing the weekend. I'm glad I made the cut, and hopefully I can have a good one.

Q. You've not only just made the cut; you're in a lovely, contending position now, aren't you.
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. Obviously it's difficult out here. It's a hard course, anything can happen. So as long as I play like I did today on the weekend, should be all right.

Q. You've got to tell us about the driver, because you have a borrowed one at the bag right at present.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yesterday, I cracked the face of my loved driver I've had for 3 1/2 years. It was a sad day. But my friend, David Lingmerth, came to the rescue. He had a backup one. Took a little adjustment on the range to be able to hit it, but all in all, it was really good today. Hopefully it will serve me well on the weekend.

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