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May 19, 2016

Chad Campbell

Irving, Texas

Q. Chad, 4-under. Nice way to start the tournament. Just give us some thoughts.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. Yeah. Definitely happy with the round. You know, I made some putts out there which you have to do, you know, to shoot under par but, you know, hit it a little bit better for the week if I want to stay up there. Definitely happy with the round.

Q. I know it was wet out there. Just comment a little bit about the conditions of the course today.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was a little bit tough early, it was windy and cold and looks like it's turning out to be a pretty nice day. Luckily we dodged a lot of rain. The course was pretty soft, not too bad though considering we got a lot of rain.

Q. Just one bogey on the card. Just comment on the first out of gate today.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I hit a terrible tee shot off 1. Hit it over there left. Didn't have much. Chipped it out and had a bogey.

Q. Hard to believe now how time flies. This is your 15th start here. Just comment a little bit about this tournament and also sort of the legacy of Byron Nelson.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. It is crazy, 15. But, you know, it's been awesome, you know, through the years getting to know Mr. Nelson and, you know, going over to his house a couple times and, you know, just learning from him and, you know, just talking to him, it's awesome. Great that Peggy still comes out, very supportive of the tournament. It's just a great event. I think all the guys love coming here.

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