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May 19, 2016

James Hahn

Irving, Texas

Q. James, slowish start but you really got it going on the second 9 birdied 13, 14, 16, 17, almost at 18. 5-under, 65. Another solid round.
JAMES HAHN: Definitely a good start. Started off a little slow. Eagled No. 7 so that one definitely helped get it back to even and then from there, you know, just made some good swings, birdie on 9.

Just kind of started a lot of momentum going in the right direction, make something good putts, hitting some good shots and didn't feel I had to stuff it in there tight.

Q. It's extraordinary what you're doing, coming off that confidence building win there at Wells Fargo and strong performance at The Players and here you are again.
JAMES HAHN: You know, it started with just believing that I belong out here and I have the right team around me, I have the right support and the game was bound to turn around.

I practiced too hard for me to have so many bad rounds consecutively. Golf is funny. Sometimes it's a stripe show and you shoot even par and sometimes you don't know where the clubhead is on the back swing and you shoot 6-under. Just trying to keep it going.

Q. Statistically a few more putts are dropping and that's probably the difference between the way you're playing before and now.
Anything else you feel differently between those 8 missed cuts and this really nice stretch?

JAMES HAHN: Actually, yes. You know, I did change some equipment there in New Orleans. So, PXG came out with a new prototype driver I'm currently using. My numbers are phenomenal with it. I did change shafts in my irons as well to the ProjectX LZ mainly because Adam Scott switched early in the year.

I have no idea what they do but they're pretty cool. Anytime you get into a little funk like that, just changing stuff and having no pre-existing memories of like oh, you know, I hate my 6-iron because I always hook it.

So, you're erasing all that and just starting from scratch. I feel like it helped me to hit the reset button. I feel very confident with what I'm doing right now.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your round and how the conditions played into it?
JAMES HAHN: Yeah. Conditions were actually really good for how much rain we got this morning. You're playing lift clean and place today. If you hit the fairways you're getting perfect lies all day.

Started off a little slow, couple bogies early on. Had an eagle on 7 that really jump started the round, then nice birdie on 9 and that just kind of, you know, fed into the momentum and hit a lot of good shots out there, a made some putts, made a bomb on 17 and unfortunately didn't make the one on 18 but nice with 5-under.

Q. Obviously you went through that stretch where you turned it around and it's like you can't be stopped.
JAMES HAHN: I don't know about can't be stopped. These guys are pretty good. Jason Day is pretty good. I think he can't be stopped.

But, you know, it is a funny game. When you have momentum on your side I feel like anything is possible and I've been on the flip side of that where I felt like it was just hard to tee it up, to be honest.

So, you just have to ride the waves wherever they come and luckily I'm on the good side of the wave this week and hopefully I can keep it going on the weekend.

Q. How would you compare your mindset now to -- (inaudible)
JAMES HAHN: Honestly, it's the same. I feel like I'm just out here trying to get better every single day and I'm doing that. I hit some good shots committing to my targets, going through my routine. It's unfortunate that we are judged strictly on results but from where I was two months ago, I feel like I'm making progress, you know, with just everything that has to do with golf, the mental side of it. I feel like I'm on track to be with better golf by the end of the year.

Q. Is fatigue a factor with 3 in a row?
JAMES HAHN: This is more than three in a row. Started in Hilton Head so this is 6 in a row. But, I'm an athlete. I do work out a lot.

So, I feel like I can do 6 in a row no problem, just so long as I'm not doing anything stupid and beating balls at the end of the day for two, three hours, conserve my energy and really focus on the parts of the game that really need attention.

Q. Is this the longest playing stretch you've had?
JAMES HAHN: No. No. No. I played on the Web.com Tour for three years. I played 14 weeks -- 14 out of 15 weeks so, you know, it prepared me for a stretch like this. I can do 6 in a row no problem, just have to ask permission from my wife to be on the road for that long. It is grueling. When you're missing cuts, you get the weekends off. It doesn't really feel that long.

Q. How many Byron Nelson tournaments have you played in?
JAMES HAHN: This is my 3rd consecutive year. I missed the first year because I was trying to conserve energy. Played here my second year on Tour and absolutely fell in love with this place so I'm back.

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