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May 19, 2016

Caroline Masson

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. That was a good finish on your back nine but the front nine. Tell me about the day.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it was a good day, definitely. You know, the course obviously is not playing as well as yesterday, but still a little wet, so it plays pretty long. Like in general, I want to say that the back nine are a little tougher than the front nine. I was even after nine, after the back nine, and I thought, if you play well, hit it in the fairway, you can maybe make a few birdies on the front, and that's what I did.

I feel like you really just have to hit it in the fairways. If you hit it in the rough, you've got no chance, so hit it in the fairways and hit some solid shots and smart shots, and then you have a chance to play a good round. Let's put it that way.

Q. You've played here twice before, right, never actually made a cut. What was the difference?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I didn't play last year, just was ready for a break and went home to Germany. I don't know, honestly, I think I'm just a better player now, and if I think back -- it's a great course and I always thought it should suit me because I want to say I'm more of a ball striker and it's a ball striker's course, but I just never played that well here. I didn't drive it well. I didn't hit my irons well as far as I remember, and I was pretty far away from actually making the cut. This year I just thought, hey, just believe in yourself because I know if I hit it in the fairways and I hit it normal, I should be able to shoot some good rounds here, so that's just what I did. I just think overall I just became a little better player over the last three years, too.

Q. You said the better player thing twice. Is it a mental thing, why you're a better player, or what can you attribute that to?
CAROLINE MASSON: I think it's a little bit of everything. The first years, I mean, I was a good player but maybe not good enough on certain courses. I mean, it's a little bit of everything, a little self-belief, my technique is a little better, I just hit it a little better. I play a little smarter. If I know it's a tricky hole location, and you don't want to short-side yourself, then I'm better at not doing it. Just a little experience, just a little bit of everything. Just overall, I just feel like I'm a little more complete player, and I think this is a course where maybe it shows sometimes because you really have to hit it good.

Q. Finally, this is the start of a really big stretch. Did you come into this knowing that you need to do a little bit more, you need to play a certain way getting ready for the Olympics?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah. You know, it's tough. Obviously next week we don't know what's coming, but I know this course, and I feel like this is a course where if you play good golf, you're going to have good results, and I think that's a fun feeling. Yeah, I just feel like obviously we have so many highlights coming up that it's tough to get ready for just one, but yeah, I mean, this is definitely the time where you want to slowly get the confidence, definitely get the confidence back, and for me, I think the biggest thing is honestly believing in myself. Rounds like that help, so just building that up for the KPMG, for the U.S. Open, and for the Olympics. When we're really at the big, big stages, then it's the same feeling, and for me, just trusting in myself, I think that's the biggest thing.

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