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May 18, 2016

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook

Oakland, California: Game Two

Golden State 118 - Oklahoma City 91

Q. Kevin, you guys did a pretty good job on Curry in Game 1, and tonight a good chunk of the game you did a good job on him, but he had two big flurries on you. What happened in those, late first quarter and then in the third quarter when he just exploded?
KEVIN DURANT: He got a few wide-open threes and he got three foul shots and I guess that got him going.

Q. Kevin, you had 25 points in the first half, but only two shot attempts in that quarter. What was going on in that third quarter exactly that limited your shot attempts?
KEVIN DURANT: They were sending three guys, I was trying to make the right pass. I was turning the ball over playing the crowd. So maybe I just got to shoot over three people.

Q. This is for either one of you guys. You guys had taken the lead late in the second quarter and they go on a 9-0 run. How much of that at the end of the half, how much did that affect the momentum going into that second half?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Not much. I mean, they do a good job of closing quarters. We've got to do a better job of running our stuff towards the end of the quarters and taking care of the basketball. But I didn't think that was a huge part of it.

Q. Guys, you get out of here 1-1. How content are you going back to Oklahoma City with it being 1-1?
KEVIN DURANT: We're upset. Guys in the locker room, we weren't happy because we only won just one game. We were upset that we didn't play well tonight and get the second one. But we're going home, and we can't relax. At home you tend to let your guard down a bit because you're at home and you think you're going to win. But we've got to come out here and play. We've got to play our brand of basketball even better than what we did when we were in Oakland.

So it's a good opportunity for us. You've got to take advantage of it.

Q. You guys got outrebounded by nine tonight. It was a rarity. You gave up 10 first half offensive rebounds. Was that a sign that maybe the energy level was a little down tonight?
KEVIN DURANT: I wouldn't say it was the energy level. They got their hands on some basketballs. Our bigs were fighting down there, and they got their hands on some basketballs. So our energy level wasn't low at all, we were still in the game and they just came out and hit some shots in the second half. You know, they played with some pretty sound defense on us in the third quarter. So, yeah, but our guys had the right mindset, you know. We just didn't win.

Q. Russ, you guys were switching a lot off the ball on the perimeter. Sometimes they're not even making screens on you guys and they're screening their own man. Are those tricky situations to communicate through on those threes for Curry and Thompson?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely. It's something we talked about. It's just something that we've got to work on.

Q. Russell, their bench scored 50 tonight. Can you just talk about the impact those guys have when Curry or Draymond or Thompson is taking a break and they can continue to be productive with their reserves?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: They're a good team. They got a lot of different guys. They can play 10 or 11 guys every night. They come in with an aggressive mindset, and tonight they impacted the game and it made a difference for them.

Q. When you see Steph go off like that in the third quarter where he outscored everyone 15-2, but when he's in that mode, do you guys think about picking him up earlier, denying him the ball, trying to pick him up even before he tries to come across half court?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, they've got four other players that are pretty effective and can do a lot with the basketball. We definitely wanted to pick him up a little higher than normal, but I mean, he makes bad shots. He makes those shots, and sometimes you've just got to put a hand up and contest. When you're in pick-and-roll, try to put a couple bodies on him, but he made some tough ones. Then we turned the ball over and he got a few in transition too.

So, yeah, they've got other players on the court, you know. We've got to be aware of everybody.

Q. You kind of mentioned playing in the crowd and those turnovers. Do you need more space out there? Is that your decision? What's been the issue there?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, it's me just finding out when the double team's coming. Once I get it, I feel like I'm playing one-on-one, but it's more so a load, and guys are loading. So I've just got to make a stronger pass and find out where guys are. That's just me facing up and seeing where it's coming from and making the correct play. There's a few they just got their hands on it, but for the most part I know I'm not going to have a lot of space to play, so I've got to be smarter.

Q. Kevin, on that same topic there, they really aren't guarding Dre [Andre Roberson] hardly at all. How can you guys take advantage of that to basically capitalize on the fact that they're leaving them wide open?
KEVIN DURANT: We've just got to watch film and see where we can get Dre some easy looks. We trust him. We want him to shoot the corner three. We want him to cut. So just watch film and see where we can make them pay for guarding him or for not guarding him. It's on Russell and myself to make sure we take care of him.

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