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May 18, 2016

Kyle Lowry

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. Teams make adjustments after every defeat, particularly after Game 1 losses. When you looked at the tape this morning, what did you see that you needed to improve upon?
KYLE LOWRY: Just our overall intensity, our overall energy level has to pick up. They did some good things last night, but we did some things to help that. They played extremely well, but we've got to play our game and pick our energy level up and just play harder.

Q. What was the reason for how successful they were inside the paint?
KYLE LOWRY: Well, I think when they shot the three ball in the first couple rounds, it kind of made us a little bit nervous, and we kind of didn't help each other as much as we could have with them having the floor so spread out. I think they had like nine dunks and countless layups. But it's just an adjustment. It's an adjustment. That's why it's the playoffs. Every game is a different game, and Game 2 will be a completely different game.

Q. You guys are 6-0 after losses [in the playoffs]. What's the strength of this team and adjustments?
KYLE LOWRY: We figured out that we have to play harder, and last night we just didn't play at our highest level. They played at a high, high level, and we just didn't match the level that they played at.

Q. Are they a cut above the team they were in the regular season?
KYLE LOWRY: Listen, so they're playing at a championship level right now. They're playing very well. LeBron [James] is playing like LeBron. Kyrie [Irving] is playing like Kyrie, and their bench played extremely well last night. We've just got to figure it out and match it, and just go out there and do things that we do.

Q. Yesterday was the first time that neither you nor DeMar [DeRozan] attempted a free throw. Was that more on what they did defensively --
KYLE LOWRY: We've got to be more aggressive, simple as that. We've got to be more aggressive in taking it to the basket and just being us. We get the call, we get the call. If not, we've got to go score to finish the ball.

Q. Is there a fire right now in this team?
KYLE LOWRY: There's always a fire if you get your ass kicked like that. You can't -- you've got to want to win. We want to win. We didn't just get here to be like, oh, okay. We want to win games. We want to compete. Our competitive nature as NBA players, as professionals, is going to be at a high level.

Q. What can you identify that you've been able to do differently in the previous Game 2s?
KYLE LOWRY: I think every Game 1 so far we've just come out a little bit sluggish and lackadaisical and trying to feel our way into the game. We started the game off well and then kind of the wheels came off in the start of the second quarter, end of the first, start of the second. So we've just been able to sustain our energy from the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter in Game 2s and just keep creating and being us.

Q. They've made a change right before the playoffs, which is keeping LeBron with the second unit to start the second quarter. Have you guys discussed trying to match that or do something different with your rotation?
KYLE LOWRY: Well, I think yesterday we couldn't get our substitution in early enough. Cory [Joseph] was at the table at the three-minute mark to get me, so I think we'll figure it out to have one of us on the floor, me or DeMar tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KYLE LOWRY: I think it's just a loss that you've got to -- we definitely feel like, all right, we could have played better after every Game 1 loss so far. Even in the regular season we always feel like we could have played better, so we just have to play better. That's what we have to do.

Q. You generally took away the three from them last night, but they got what they wanted in the paint. Is that something you switch up?
KYLE LOWRY: We make adjustments and figure it out, communication, scramble a little bit more, make sure that even if we give up a couple extra threes, we help each other a lot more. I think it's more the communication part, not being afraid to X out and scramble and do things we've done all year.

Q. What was their defense on your perimeter game like, not just you specifically but 5-of-24 from three?
KYLE LOWRY: They did a good job of showing hard and getting to our shooters, and they do a good job of collapsing, and once they collapse, you've got to find an open man. That's one thing we've seen on film that they do well is collapsing, and then you have LeBron playing free safety out there, so it makes a lot of passes a lot more dangerous.

Q. Did you notice them trying to get the ball out of your hands, trying to trap?
KYLE LOWRY: I think it was just more showing and getting the ball to -- letting our other bigs be open and make the play through the other side. They're not letting us play on one side. They want us to kind of go on one side and then once they get on the other side, then load all the way up. We've seen some things that we can do to help ourselves.

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