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May 18, 2016

Jon Cooper

Tampa, Florida: Game Three

COACH COOPER: But he's progressing. So I think after‑‑ after today's game, I think now we're teetering on whether he can be back or not, but there's obviously no guarantees in that. But he's been making gradual steps every day, and he was going up and down today on his pads. So hopefully, it's soon.

Q. Not to belabor the point‑‑
COACH COOPER: But you are.

Q. But I am going to. Are you hopeful he can practice with you guys in full tomorrow then?
COACH COOPER: We are. We are, but hopeful is the key word.

Q. Any of the guys that were not on the ice, any concerns for tonight heading in?
COACH COOPER: No. Everybody's available except Bish.

Q. And 91?
COACH COOPER: Well, yeah, naturally. 91 and Bish are the two ones that are not available for tonight.

Q. Steven didn't skate today. Any significance to that?

Q. Callahan is doing a lot better, though, right? Not throwing up or anything?
COACH COOPER: No. He's a lot better than he was. He should be available for tonight. That was just unfortunate situation because that kid's tough as nails.
He actually had a really good line for me. He was so pissed because he said, Yeah, last year I played a game three days after getting my appendix out, and this year I can't even fight through the damn flu.
I thought‑‑ I was like, that must have been a bad flu bug. We've all‑‑ let's be honest. We've all been there, like when you get zapped by it. He looked awful, felt awful, but he's game to get back.

Q. (Indiscernible) that flu bug's still circulating?
COACH COOPER: Well, it's not around today. So that's a good thing.

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