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May 17, 2016

DeMar DeRozan

Kyle Lowry

Cleveland, Ohio: Game One

Cleveland - 115, Toronto - 84

Q. Obviously not getting to the free-throw line as much as you're accustomed to is frustrating. Is it more of a X's and O's thing or more of an aggressiveness thing?
DeMAR DeROZAN: Just us being more aggressive. We've got to come out the gate with that mindset, being aggressive like we usually do, and I think we didn't try to do that until later on in the game.

Q. He mentioned frustration. Do you think it was frustration down the stretch? It seemed like you guys started to commit some pretty hard fouls down the stretch. Was that a game plan? I know Charles Barkley might have made a comment that somebody needs to knock the Cavs down, but it seemed like you guys were committing hard fouls down the stretch. Was that due to frustration or was that game plan?
DeMAR DeROZAN: Neither. Neither. Neither nor.

Q. Kyle, was this a different Kyrie Irving than the one you guys saw in the regular season?
KYLE LOWRY: He's playing fantastic right now, making shots, getting in transition. He's doing a good job of picking and choosing his spots, and he's been extremely efficient. It was just throughout the season he's got more comfortable coming back from his injury, so he's playing extremely well right now.

Q. Coach Casey said that one of the things that you guys struggled with tonight was the footwork. Cavs were a little bit quicker tonight. How much of that was a result of them having nine days off and you coming from one series having a day off to prepare for them and coming here to play tonight?
DeMAR DeROZAN: I mean, at the end of the day, we're surely not going to make no excuses, but they've been off their feet, we've been battling for the last couple of weeks, and they came up with that, like you say, quick first step. We didn't meet it like we wanted to.

Q. Were either of you surprised that they were so predominantly inside on their orientation for attack in the first half after they shot so many threes in the previous two series, or did you guys plan for that?
KYLE LOWRY: You know, we planned -- we knew the three ball was big, but they did a good job. We left the floor and the paint too open tonight, I think, and they took advantage of that. I think they just did an overall good job of picking and choosing their spots. 7-for-20 from three, but counting some free throws and they attacked the paint, that's something we have to look at and make an adjustment for.

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