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May 17, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. I want to ask you about this being the first week of the 11-week stretch consecutive. Pretty crazy.

Q. Have you thought about how you're going to plan out your schedule? Are you going to approach it any differently? What's your strategy with kind of tackling that?
BROOKE HENDERSON: My strategy is pretty simple. I'm signed up for all of them right now. I like to play a lot of tournaments to keep things going well like they are, so hopefully I'll get off to a fast start this week, and then just kind of listen to my body after that, and if I need to take a break, then I'll just decide accordingly.

Q. Have you played a structure like this in the past?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Not quite this long. This will be new. However, I have played consecutive tournaments back-to-back just as long as I can remember, usually taking a break probably after a fourth one. So I might see a little bit of change once I get to the fifth one, but like I said, if I need to take a break, I will.

Q. How much do you think last year with your crazy going here, Monday qualifying, how much do you think that's going to help you more so than other players who really plan things out and really have not gone through a grueling stretch like this?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think last year was actually good preparation for this year. Yeah, I was traveling all over the place and just kind of jumping into tournaments where I could fit them in. I really didn't have a plan scheduled too much. I think this long stretch will kind of work in my favor.

Q. The Olympics is obviously a subject this week, but for you the Olympics goes right into the CP. When do you plan right now on arriving at the Olympics, and then will you watch the closing ceremonies, or do you have to get right back to Canada?
BROOKE HENDERSON: So I'm planning on arriving on the Saturday morning, so I'll have a few days to kind of get adjusted and everything before the Olympics, and then the Canadian is a really big deal to me, as well, so I would love to stay for the closing ceremonies, but as it looks right now, I think I might skip that and head to Calgary and get ready for that big week.

Q. I think they're making Monday and Tuesday available for practice rounds in Rio. Do you anticipate playing both days?

Q. Have you scouted that course at all?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Our national team coaches went down and were able to get some good notes on it and things like that. I haven't been able to too much, but they have a good handle on it.

Q. And is your plan to stay in Olympic Village?

Q. Are you excited about that?

Q. To be among the athletes?

Q. This course here, you played it last year, T25. What do you remember about it the most? What are the keys, and what do you think is going to happen with so much rain?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, with this much rain today, it's kind of exciting because the greens were pretty firm, and last year I remember you really had to pay attention to where you were landing the ball, especially around the greens because they weren't as receptive as some greens. The course is in fantastic shape, though. I always love this course because it's so beautiful. With all this rainy think it's really going to help maybe being more aggressive towards the pins, and I was able to do Sunday last year and was able to climb up the leaderboard, so hopefully I'll --

Q. Yeah, what did you shoot on Sunday? I remember you played really well.
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think it was 67. It might have been 68, though.

Q. So leaving off with good memories in your last round here?

Q. What did you do last week? Week off.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Last week was a really busy week. Tuesday and Wednesday we did charity events.

Q. Up in Canada?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Up in Canada, so we went home for the first time since Christmas Day, so it was a lot of fun to see family and friends. I went up to my cottage one day. But just did a ton of things. Yeah, it was good, though, and glad to be back out on Tour now.

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