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May 15, 2016

Peter DeBoer

St. Louis, Missouri: Game One

St. Louis – 2
San Jose ‑ 1


Q. Pretty evident the Thornton line was going well for you. How did you see the rest of your group?
COACH DeBOER: I think the entire group, I think we were a little tentative to start the game. I thought the first period, there was a little feeling out. We talked between the first and second, started to play our game in the second period.
Really I thought in the second period, you know, the tragedy of the second period was we spent the whole period in their end and lost the period 1‑0. That was basically the game.

Q. On the timeout, we were assuming you wanted to keep the first power‑play unit out. There were some clock issues. Take us through that.
COACH DeBOER: I think they fixed it back. It was at least five to ten seconds, maybe seven seconds off the clock. So I wanted the clock fixed before I made a line change because the decision on whether I was going to make a line change was going to depend on what that clock said.
It wasn't a second. It had run for a while.
He didn't want to fix the clock. He wanted a line change first, which I didn't understand. So I had to burn a timeout to figure out how much time was left.

Q. Then on the goal that got past Elliott, the quick whistle, was there an explanation?
COACH DeBOER: Missed it. Sorry.

Q. How did you see the Lehtera goal develop?
COACH DeBOER: We turned the puck over. Knuckle shot. Those happen. I mean, you know, that's not on Jonesy. We got to score more than one goal tonight. We had plenty of chances to do that and we didn't.

Q. How many times did you think you tied up the game?
COACH DeBOER: We had enough. It wasn't an A‑plus game for us. But I thought we got better as the game went on. We had some opportunities to score more than the one we got.
We got to cash in.

Q. Stylistically, did this game go the way you thought it would probably go against this team? Is this what we're looking at the rest of the way?
COACH DeBOER: I have no idea. I wasn't sure what we were going to get in the first period, two teams coming off Game 7s. I think the first period was pretty much what you might guess. A little bit of lacking some emotion, a little bit of tentativeness on both teams, though they were better than us in the first.
But I thought after that, we got dialed in. I thought we started to play.

Q. Obviously won the special teams battle tonight. Did you like what the power‑play was doing? How were they able to frustrate you?
COACH DeBOER: Our execution wasn't great. Some credit to them, for sure, for making it tough on us.
But we've seen those nights before in the playoffs. We've always rebounded.

Q. I know the game just ended, but off the top of your head, what is the biggest adjustment you'll make for Game2?
COACH DeBOER: You know what, we'll look at the tape tomorrow. We'll take a look. I don't have anything off the top of my head.
We got to score. Got to score more than one goal. Got to find a way. Whether bury it the chances we had, find a way to create a couple more. Obviously get a power‑play goal.
This time of year, you're not going to win games with one goal. I think the goals were there tonight, and we just didn't stick them in.

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