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May 15, 2016

Justin Rose

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. I'm just going to jump right into it. First green, all of a sudden Ernie finishes out and all of a sudden he gets it.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, so the birdie pooped on him from, I was standing right next to him and it missed me and it got him. So they say it's good luck if the birdie manages to sort of land on you. And I guess it was good luck for me, not Ernie today, I'm afraid.

But, yeah, that was kind of a humorous moment to start the day, had us both giggling, had me kind of chuckling under my breath trying to make a 2-footer for par. But obviously it's always a delight to play with Ernie, he's a legend in the game and fun to be around.

Q. Well, it was funny and then it got serious. And the adjustment to the greens, they single cut, single rolled, put a little water on them, took you a few holes, but then kind of once you grasped how they were, a lot of good iron shots, a lot of good birdie opportunities?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. I felt like I played pretty well today for sure and you know, if I look at the bogeys I made, they kind of were both on birdie holes with birdie pins. So, essentially there's four shots you could save. It was a day that, that was a four-shot swing on those particular holes.

But I was really pleased to finish the way I did today. I hit a lot of good iron shots down the stretch. That's what you want on a Sunday when you're out of contention, you want to finish strong, no matter what, to get the confidence up to build something going into the following weeks.

Q. And I think that the fact that we got some overcast, the greens may retain a little bit of the moisture so, maybe the guys in the afternoon get a little bit of a break, unlike yesterday.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I think that when we started the round the first couple greens were still fairly firm, Ernie hit a couple chip shots, the ball was definitely bouncing and releasing and I thought, well, I thought the greens were going to sort of dry up a little quicker be a little faster than they actually did, but you're right, the wind seems to have just laid down, there's a touch of cloud cover, so, yeah, they might get a break from that standpoint.

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: I went 1-under my last seven or eight, maybe, so from that point until today, yeah, I sort of worked my way back into a reasonable finish.

Q. Is this course playing 12 shots easier today or did you just make it look easy?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, it wasn't playing 12 easier, but it was playing four or five easier, probably. So, you know, the greens are still quick, obviously, if you get on the wrong side of them you're still going to be hitting defensive putts or if you miss on the wrong side it's tough to up-and-down it. But at least today if you hit the correct shot you could have a positive birdie putt. Whereas yesterday were you just wafting every putt to the hole and hoping it was going to stay sort of close. So that's probably the difference.

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