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May 12, 2016

Justin Rose

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Was the course there for the taking today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was. I felt that I got the pin sheet through yesterday evening and I looked at it and I already felt last night it was going to be there for the taking.

Then when we got here this morning, it was a beautiful, calm morning and I knew the greens were going to be still somewhat soft. So, yeah, 100 percent, if there was a day to get the course, today was it.

Q. Did you go out with a more aggressive mindset then?
JUSTIN ROSE: I wouldn't say -- it's a double edged sword if you get too aggressive this course can definitely -- it's a strategic golf course and my caddie Fulch and I have made the commitment this week to try and play it more strategically than we have in years past.

And although we were chasing birdies, we were still respecting certain pin placements and we did some good work in practice this week to identify a good game plan and obviously it paid off today.

Q. Talk about hitting all 18 greens.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sure. There's not that much margin for error out there. I hit two wayward tee shots on the front nine, but I guess I got away with it on number 4 and number 7. So I hit some good recovery shots there.

But other than that I was in play all day, played really, really well, had control of my irons which helps. But 18 greens doesn't often happen.

So I took a lot of pressure off everything else in my game and it's obviously a nice way to start.

Q. Two shots on the 16 seemed to really kick you into gear as well.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, great drive on 16, hit it over the top of the trees and had 8-iron into the green there, to a front left pin. That began to feel much more like a par-4. It was nice to hit it in there to about eight feet and make the putt.

17 was a birdie hole today, with where the pin was, without much breeze.

18's never easy and Fulch gave me a great club. We didn't think 7-iron could get back to the pin, but it was a safe play. And I hit a really good shot and actually got to six or eight feet. So nice to make that.

It was a really long walk from 18 to 1, but it was good to keep the momentum going. Made a nice putt and 1 and a simple up-and-down at 2 and, yeah, it was nice to get to 7-under.

Q. Tell us about your putting today. After Sunday you kept the faith, obviously?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, kept the same putting style going this week. New putter in play though. It's a putter I ordered from TaylorMade a few weeks ago that they have been milling and getting ready for me and it arrived this week.

So it was nice to see that, which it's always kind of -- sometimes nice to look at something different. But I feel like there's definitely merit in what I'm trying to do and can take some confidence going forward from today. I felt like I putted really well.

Q. Are you saying the other one was maybe a bit heavy. Is this a lighter one?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, this one swing weight's a little bit more what I'm used to, so I think on the really quick greens I should have a little bit better touch with this.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: I think so. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, hitting it fairly long, fairly straight, hit my irons fairly crisp and thinking well. So, yeah, everything lined up today and just try and keep some that have simple stuff going into tomorrow and the weekend.

Q. Talk about playing with Danny. Did you talk a lot?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not really. We were obviously both out there just doing our thing, but it was a nice light vibe and really enjoyed playing with Danny today. Yeah, every time you mention the Masters, he just giggles and laughs, so he's still enjoying it.

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