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May 12, 2016

Rob Carolla

Chris Mitchell

Laurie Bollig

Will Roleson

CLARK TEUSCHER: Welcome to the final 2016 CoSIDA Continuing Education Series Sponsored By Capital One. My name is Clark Teuscher, and I'm the Sports Information Director At North Central College, and a co-chair for the CoSIDA Continuation Education Committee. I'll be moderating today's webinar as we get an inside look at what the attendees can expect next month at the convention in Dallas, Texas.

Presenting on today's call are Will Roleson, CoSIDA Director of Internal Operations; Rob Carolla, Director of Communications for the Big 12 Conference and CoSIDA's 2nd Vice President; Chris Mitchell, Assistant Athletic Director at Washington University in St. Louis; and Laurie Bollig, CoSIDA Director of Membership Engagement.

Attendees at today's webinar are invited to submit questions into the chat window while following along with the presentations. We'll work as many of those into the discussion as we can.

Our first presenter today will be Will Roleson, who is also the convention coordinator. He will take us through all of the essential information for attendees at this year's event. Will?

WILL ROLESON: Thank you for joining us and learning a little bit more about the convention coming up next month in Dallas. If you haven't been on, really encourage you to check out the convention home page, you see the website address there on your screen. All things convention related are there, many of which we will be going through on today's webinar.

The registration link, as well, through Sports Systems, a reminder that pre-registration does close tomorrow night, Friday, May 13 at midnight Eastern. Registration is also available on site on the first two days at convention but at a slightly higher rate. So if you're not already registered, encourage you to go ahead and do so today or tomorrow.

Again after three years at the World Center Marriott IN Orlando, we will be at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Again, you can fly into either DFW or Love Field. It's a great property. Myself and a couple of the staff members and officers have been there twice since the fall and we are looking forward to putting on the event for you in Dallas.

New this year, will be the CoSIDA app, and beginning first week of June, the week prior to the convention, that will go live. It's the Press Pass app from Sports Systems. Many of you may be familiar with that from NCAA Final Four, Women's Final Four and a number of other Bowl games and events for which they do registration as they do for us; and also the app, again which is available at Play Store or iTunes.

Please note that CoSIDA will not publish a pocket schedule this year as we look to move strictly to an electronic piece that we can update at any time and make any changes even during the course of the convention if there are room changes or the like.

Wifi access, we know that's important to everyone. In the meeting space and convention areas at the Hilton Anatole, wireless will be again available, free to all NACDA and CoSIDA convention attendees. In the sleeping rooms, you would need to use an existing Hilton Honors access, or you can join free now at the link on your screen.

So again, it will be on two different wireless systems, but you'll be able to navigate back and forth between the two, whether you're in your sleeping room for those staying on property, or in the convention and meeting space areas, thanks to our relationship with NACDA.

Shuttles and parking, we do realize some people will be driving in and a large number also will be staying at off-site properties. You see the parking rates at the Anatole on the right. There is plenty of parking. It's a large facility but also with a large parking area.

If you're staying in some of the off-site properties, there are a number of them, the first ones that were made available after the Anatole filled up for our block and for NACDA's block, a handful of them are about a quarter-mile walk from the Anatole, so no need to get in your car and come over. If you're in some of the farther hotels, such as perhaps out at DFW or other areas, again, you see the parking rates there to join us at the Anatole.

Let's get now into a little bit of the activities that you'll be able to participate and be a part of during the week starting with the luncheons, the annual CoSIDA Hall of Fame luncheon is again on Monday. You see the awards that will be presented there, highlighted of course by the CoSIDA Hall of Fame class that you see at the bottom of your screen.

You recall the last couple years we had some members of the CoSIDA board kind of do one-off interviews with a number of the award winners. This year for both of our luncheons, award luncheons, we are pleased to bring in some name folks, if you will, for Monday's luncheon. Monday will be Shannon Spake, ESPN host and reporter.

Tuesday's luncheon, like we did last year, the lunch break in the exhibit hall, a grab-and-go lunch, while you visit our exhibitors. And then another big awards luncheon on Wednesday, this one emceed by Chuck Cooperstein who is with ESPN Radio in Dallas and also the play-by-play announcer for the NBA's Mavericks.

Social events. Time to network with other people and enjoy some time with your fellow SIDs. A couple things on Sunday, starting with the Annual Welcome Kickoff Reception in the exhibit hall, and then ESPN will be taking us off-side to Eddie Deen's ranch, just a handful of miles away for this off-site event. We see buses there that will provide transportation and circulate throughout those hours, as you might imagine by the name, a western-themed bar and eatery.

So we are looking forward to long-time partner ESPN doing that for us and allowing all our attendees to get off-site this first night of the convention.

On Monday you see the CBS StatCrew party, long-time partner is StatCrew, and they have upped their commitment to CoSIDA and taken the reception or the party that has been the NBA and WNBA's for the last couple years and that will immediately follow the Academic All-American Hall of Fame ceremony on Monday evening.

Continuing with social events, the opportunity to go into the NACDA Exhibit Hall Social with their 220 or more vendors. A reminder that they have their event Monday and Tuesday night. So CoSIDA's access is specific to Tuesday night as its been the last couple years and that will go to 7:30 that evening.

Then on Wednesday, the most recent addition to our social event schedule is a farewell opportunity at Trinity Groves, which you see there is a restaurant, retail, artist and entertainment destination in west Dallas.

When we were in Orlando the last couple years, one of the times, we bussed people over to Universal CityWalk, although not necessarily that large of a facility as you would probably imagine. A great opportunity to get out, enjoy some sites and sounds and some local restaurants, buses starting at 6:00 and continuing through much of the evening.

Exhibit hall, very pleased to let you know that our Exhibit Hall has really grown this year. We are up to 23 vendors, 23 booth spaces which is the largest we've had in more than five years.

A lot of new names that you may not recognize on this list, certainly that have not been part of CoSIDA's exhibit hall in recent years, and the ones listed in red there are hosting a product theatre. Again, this year we have filled all eight spots of those. So another opportunity to learn about some of these products and services offered by our exhibitors and corporate partners.

Just a reminder, as it's been since we started the NACDA relationship three years ago in Orlando, that all of NACDA events are open to CoSIDA attendees with your badge, with the exception, of course, of food service events, and any other meetings and events specifically listed in the NACDA schedule as private or closed.

Again, please help us spread this word. Even after three years, some people are not familiar that this access is available to them. If you see something from NACDA, the marketing directors or any other NACDA affiliates that you think is of interest to you, is an area you might want to go with your career, or if you wear multiple hats at your institution, please take advantage of that and take part in all the activities and panels that are offered during the course of the week by all NACDA, its affiliates and CoSIDA.

Then the CoSIDA Leadership Forum. Hope you're familiar with event. This is in its first year. This is going to be on Sunday, so it will overlap with the first day of the general CoSIDA convention. This is designed for those folks who are or want to be part of an 80s Senior Leadership Team. Although it is certainly open to anyone.

It does have a registration fee, you can get to that at CoSIDA.com, where you see there, 2016 Leadership Forum, is a way to find out more about that. That registration like general CoSIDA convention will close at midnight tomorrow night.

We'll turn it now over to Chris Mitchell.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Thank you very much, Will. My name is Chris Mitchell. I'm the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications at Washington University in St. Louis and I'm also serving as the Chair of the CoSIDA Goodwill and Wellness Committee for the 2015-16 year.

We want to talk about two of our events that are going on again this year at CoSIDA. The first being the 5K Fun Run and Walk, our sixth annual, and also our community service project. We are going to first go over some of the specifics on the 5K Run Walk. It will take place on Tuesday, June 14 at 6:30 A.M. at the Trinity River Trail, which is adjacent to the hotel.

In the past, this event has started at 6:00 A.M., so we have moved it back 30 minutes in HOPES to increase our numbers. Pre-registration is currently active on the CoSIDA website. It's $15 for an individual. We will also include on site registration for $20. We will have a table to sign up on Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. in addition to registration they will be getting at 6am at the west wing corridor.

So if you want to stop by at CoSIDA from 1:00 to 4:00 on Sunday, you can pick up your tee shirt, sign your waiver. If you have not signed up yet, you can sign up at that time or at 6:00 A.M. on June 14.

Currently we have over 90 signed up so far for the event. This is a great start and we'd like to continue increasing that number as we look to go over the 100 MARK once again another year.

We want to thank Proforma, who has also agreed to become the Official Sponsor for the race for the second straight year. We will be providing some nice tech running shirts. Last year we just provided tee shirts, and Ron Foust (ph) at Proforma has agreed to donate some running shirts. We hope that's another reason you might want to come out and run the 5K or the Fun Run and Walk.

We will have some prizes donated by the Dallas Mavericks. We thank them for their support, and we will have water on the course as we have in past years.

We have had a few questions about some registration issues. So I'm going to just mention that once you get on the CoSIDA website, if you just hit the contribute button, it's $15 for a single registration. When you click on that, hit the next button. That will send you to the credit payment page. You fill that out, enter your e-mail address and you should have a receipt and you should be done with your registration. Like I said, we have 90 signed up so far for our 5K Fun Run and Walk.

Talking a little bit more, we are going to move on to the community service project. The Goodwill and Wellness Committee has partnered with Keeper of the Game Foundation for its upcoming community service project at the CoSIDA Convention in Dallas. The mission of Keeper of the Game is to provide kids and young adults with special needs and disabilities, unique baseball experience to foster individuals in their love of baseball.

So that same Tuesday, June 14, we will have a free skills camp with Oklahoma State assistant baseball coach James Vilade and other SIDs from across the country. As of now, the bus is scheduled to leave the hotel at around 8:00 A.M., maybe 8:15. The skills camp will last from 9:00 to 10:00 or 10:30, and then we will be taking the kids to the RoughRiders game, which is the AA affiliate of the Texas Rangers from about 11:00 to 1:00 or 1:30. We hope to have all of our sports information directors back at the hotel by 2:00, so they can get showered up and ready for the table topics workshop, which are scheduled to begin at 2:45.

The keeper of the game will also be donating some auctions for the young CoSIDA charity auction and in addition, 36 of the 50 spots have been filled so far for the community service. So that's a great start, so if you're interested and filling one of those 14 spots, please go to CoSIDA.com.

And I think that's all I have now. I guess the one last thing I wanted to mention is Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Dallas is going to be donating our tee shirts for the workers and for the kids that will be participating in our baseball skills clinic.

CLARK TEUSCHER: Thank you very much, Chris.

Rob Carolla is CoSIDA's 2nd Vice President and the Coordinator of Programming for this year's convention. He's going to give us an additional preview of that programming, as well as a couple of tips about the event in Dallas.

ROB CAROLLA: Thank you, Clark, and appreciate everyone joining us today.

We have a robust program on tap for this year's convention. Combine that with all of the different opportunities that are available to our membership through NACDA and NACMA and all of the other affiliate groups of the NACDA affiliates convention, and we are excited about this year's programming. Our committee has done a great job of tying up some loose ends. And we have a few more little holes to fill as we come down the home stretch, but we know people will be excited for a good week of professional development and learning.

As we start off here in the first slide, you'll see our keynote speaker, we are very excited about, Chris Winfield comes highly recommended and will talk about what to do with the extra hours, if you were to be able to work a little smarter instead of working harder. He has worked with many major companies, Disney, Macy's, NBC among others, has a great website at ChrisWinfield.com if you're interested in checking that out. But we are excited to have him on board and look forward to hearing what he has to say.

Moving on to Monday, one of the highlights of Monday, the annual highlights, would be Divisional Day which features the various programming tracks you see listed there. We've got a little bit of everything covered for that day, a strategic communications, graphic design, compliance, crisis communications, variety of meetings and other things scheduled.

So we encourage everyone to attend that day and a reminder on that day, you are able to attend any panel or sessions held during that day. So if you're in the NCAA Division 1 but you see something in Division II or III that interests you, you are more than welcome to attend those sessions.

Our next slide will remind everyone of our session with CBS StatCrew and the NCAA statistics staff. I personally met with Dave Mohl (ph) from CBS Interactive at the Final Four this year, and they are very encouraged and excited about rolling out a third version of their program. They are well aware that the second version did not go as well as planned, but have some great things to show us, and I'm strongly encouraged about the direction they are taking things here and really eagerly looking forward to seeing what they have once we get to the convention in June.

I know that will be a popular topic but I would encourage people to attend it. It's going to be a little different than what you may be used to them talking about in terms of the next generation. It will be a third version that they have been working on quite diligently over the last year or so.

Now to move onto a little highlight of running the NACDA featured sessions. The keynote speaker for NACDA is Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson from the United States Air Force Academy. She is an Academic All-America Hall of Famer, so she has some great ties to CoSIDA. She also served around the world in places like Afghanistan and Africa, Kosovo and also has involvement in cyber security and cyber policy with government organizations. So she's touched a lot of different areas and should be a great speaker for us to take part in as they start the NACDA convention.

Also on the schedule will be a session on student athlete time demands which is a popular topic with just about everybody. Panelist will include from the universities you see there, athletic directors. Also student athletes should be part of that panel, so should be able to give us some great perspective on that hot topic.

Going to some more speaker highlights that are outside of our profession that we thought would be helpful to us as professionals, we are bringing back Tracy Warren, who some of you may remember from a few years ago. She is an attorney who is very knowledgeable on the new employment rules that will be potentially coming into effect, and she is going to reeducate our group and then be there to answer any questions you may have. I was there a few years ago when she spoke in the Q&A session really helped a lot of people I think, so I would encourage you to attend that one.

Lisa Stromeier is our mental wellness consultant and based on a lot of feedback we received from the membership, we signed her onto a very special panel during the course of the convention where she will address some mental wellness issues.

The final one listed here is from Christina Wright from the human resources area at the NCAA. Several staff and board members were fortunate enough to attend her panel at the NCAA Convention in San Antonio in January, and we thought it was a perfect topic for our group of professionals.

And I would encourage you, for any level, this presentation that she does fits any level. It's not just for a newcomer to the profession. It could be for someone who has been in the business for five years or 35 years. It was a great way to look at where you stand in your career and to kind of take assessment of things in your own professional playbook, so I would encourage you to attend that, as well.

Basically those are the ones that were in my line of thought here but a few other tips and tricks regarding Dallas, Will touched on it earlier.

Obviously we have two high-volume airports. Either one would be a good option that may be wondering in terms of flying into the DFW area. There's plenty of transportation options here. We are heavily serviced by Uber and taxis and buses and trains and everything else. So for those of you that are coming down from out of town, unless you need to drive here, there's really no need to rent a car.

And there's also plenty of options for those of you who may have time outside the hotel, or come in early and stay a little later. Dallas has just about every potential social thing you could want to do from AT&T Stadium in Arlington to nature and science museums downtown. There's a great one down there, and a lot of different opportunities for people who may want to add a few days of personal time to the front or the back of the convention.

That's all from my end, if you'd like to move on to our next speaker.

CLARK TEUSCHER: We did have a question come in about dress code.

Will, could you talk a little about what the dress code requirements would be, not only for the convention events at the hotel, but also the off-site events?

WILL ROLESON: For the convention itself, traditional business casual is appropriate for all of our events. That does include the Academic ALL AMERICA Hall of Fame ceremony, since it is just a ceremony, as opposed to the dinner it was up until several years ago. So business casual throughout would be appropriate.

For the ESPN party at the ranch, again that can certainly be more casual. Ask that you be tasteful, as we are all still representing CoSIDA and our association. But someone asked if shorts and cowboy boots would be appropriate, and I think that would be just fine. Just ask that you represent yourself, your school and your association in an appropriate fashion.

And then for the Trinity Groves, the final night on Wednesday night, I do want to be specific that -- I want to use the word event for that, because we are bussing people over there and you are really on your own with your friends and/or family to enjoy the evening. So that is just what you make of it and however you want to dress for that, would be fine, and certainly much more casual than you would be for the duration of the convention.

So Clark, I hope that answers some folks' questions about dress code and attire.

CLARK TEUSCHER: Thank you very much.

Laurie Bollig is here to speak about this year's academic All-America Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, as well as important information for first-time attendees at this year's convention. Laurie?

LAURIE BOLLIG: Thank you, Clark.

I'll just go with the slide that's up here right now and talk about the Idea Lounges. That is a new part of programming for the convention this year, and as you can see, there is one session on Sunday, three on Wednesday, and within each one of those sessions, we have three topics that relate to that theme.

So for instance on Sunday, there will be three very short, probably ten-minute presentations that relate to professional and personal branding and then at the end of the three presentations, there's time for some interaction with the speakers and the moderator. So that is new this year. We hope people will check those out.

Wednesday, we have a health and wellness and we also have a millennial members chat, which includes some topics that are going to be probably geared more towards people who are just starting out in the profession and then ending with the social and digital trend Idea Lounges. We encourage everybody to try those out. We think it's going to be a good addition to the convention.

Moving on to the Academic All-America Hall of Fame, certainly a signature event for our convention. You can see there we have got a fantastic class this year: Drew Brees; Dr. Angelo Capozzi is a baseball player from Notre Dame; Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State; Jennifer Rizzotti, a star at UCONN and now the women's basketball coach at George Washington; and Dr. James Cash, who was a barrier-breaker at TCU in men's basketball.

Also, not pictured on here but part of the ceremony is the Dick Enberg Award winner, Roger Staubach. That will be Monday June 13 at 5:30 in the Grand Ballroom C, D and E. This is something everyone is invited to.

We highly encourage you to find your friends from your school who may be there from NACDA reasons, everybody, everybody is welcome. It's a first-class event. It will be emceed by Rece Davis from ESPN, and we look forward to having standing-room only that night.

Moving along to our mentorship program, I hope that you've also seen the information about signing up for the mentorship program. This will be our second full year. Right now, last year, we had about 40 matches. This year-to-date we have 83 people signed up and would love to see that go over 100, and it works out. We have just as many mentors as we have people who want to be men teed.

Please go online, register at CoSIDA.com. We will make matches shortly before the convention, and then on Sunday at the convention at about 12:30, we will have a small meet-and-greet. It is not mandatory. If you're not at the convention, you're not missing anything. It's just one opportunity to meet the person that you've been paired with.

It will officially kick off in August. So please, all of these bullet points explain some of the benefits of being part of the mentorship program. We had great response last year and we are really looking forward to increasing the opportunities and fostering those relationships for the coming year.

Freshmen orientation is a program at the convention, really, you know, what we are going to be at a table, and if you have any questions because you've never been to a convention before, please stop by. We want to meet you. We want you to meet the CoSIDA board members who staff this. It's a great place to ask questions to get yourself off on the right foot on the convention. It's a great place to meet people. We'd love for first-time convention goers to put social media, throw social media pictures out there and if you tag us, we are going to have you registered to win some prizes. So be sure to stop by near the registration area in the atrium registration foyer on Sunday.

And finally, networking. Overwhelmingly, the CoSIDA convention is what our members look forward to; it's where they say they feel the most apart of their profession, where they feel like they belong. It's a family. All of these things tell me that the relationships that we make at this convention are extremely important to our job and to really our sanity year-round.

So I would encourage everyone, while you're at the convention, to take advantage of that time; to introduce yourself, to meet new people, to reach out to panelists while you're there, to reach out and follow-up with them after the convention. Make connections with people that you have something in common with but also people that you think you could learn from.

There are several networking breaks in the convention. It was not easy. There's a lot of programming, but we did schedule some networking breaks so that you have some time to do just this.

So solid, meaningful relationships are what we hope you take away from the convention, and I think if you go back to campus and you've done that, then you will have definitely made the most of your time at the convention. Thank you.

CLARK TEUSCHER: Thank you very much, Laurie.

We did have one other question come in regarding shuttle service to and from the airports.

Rob, could you shed some light on how people might go about doing that?

ROB CAROLLA: Sure. I think probably the most cost-effective option for here and the DFW area would be something called Super Shuttle. It's pretty prevalent in a lot of airports around the country. That would be your best option. Obviously there's Ubers and taxis but I think your most cost-effective option would be Super Shuttle. They may have you stop at one or two hotels en route, but that would probably be your best option in terms of transportation if you're unable to use the Uber or taxi options.

WILL ROLESON: I'll also add on the CoSIDA convention home page, there is a link. NACDA has arranged for Super Shuttle. Again, it is a pay service, but there is a special reduced rate if you have a special access code through NACDA.

So head to the CoSIDA convention home page, check that out, and you can get round-trip service. As Rob mentioned, it may stop at a few locations but I think it may be just from DFW and not Love Field. But check that out and that's another option for you to use.

CLARK TEUSCHER: We continue to appreciate Capital One's sponsorship of this year's Continuation Education Series. We'd like to thank the hundreds of you who have already registered to attend this year's convention, once again, June 12-15th. The pre-registration period, as we mentioned earlier, for this year's convention will close at midnight tomorrow.

If you have not already reserved your hotel room, be advised we are in an overflow situation so make sure you review the hotel information carefully as you complete that process. We look forward to seeing everyone who will be traveling to Dallas next month. Thank you to everyone for participating. Have a great day.

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