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May 2, 2016

Bobby Wyatt

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. You've given yourself a chance.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, absolutely. I was really proud of the way I bounced back after missing probably two putts inside five or six feet there in a row. It was nice to get a few birdies on the way in.

Q. What happened on those two three putt bogeys?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, for some reason I couldn't quite get committed. I certainly haven't been in this position a lot, so I think probably some of it is nerves. I didn't feel uncomfortable as far as physically over them, I just couldn't quite commit to my line as well as I have the rest of the week. They didn't fall.

Q. No matter what goes on on the golf course now, you've posted a great number.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, absolutely. I've certainly gained a lot of confidence from this week. I found out that I can play with these guys, and hopefully I'll get a chance next week.

Q. You get in with an 8 under par 64, a heck of a finish. Describe what it was like out there.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, I was really excited to bounce back after the couple bogeys I made in the middle of the back nine, finished strong with a couple birdies and posted a number. I'm not sure it'll be good enough, but it felt good to be in the thick of things.

Q. You birdied 13 to get to 14 under. You were atop the leaderboard at that time. Did you sneak a peek at all through 14, 15?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, so I didn't see a leaderboard until 15, so I never knew that I was on top. I certainly knew that I was in the mix. I really knew with the way the golf course was playing, as soft as it is after all the rain, that there was going to be a lot of birdies out there on the back nine. I tried to keep the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do it.

Q. How were you able to bounce back after those two bogeys?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, absolutely. I felt like if I birdied the last three, I would have a chance. Looks like Jamie made a couple birdies already. So I really just told myself I have a ton to play for. Hopefully we can get some nice weather and finish this round.

Q. You're on a sponsor's invite, post a top 10 finish, get another start on the PGA TOUR. What does that mean?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, this is really exciting. This is where I mostly want to be, and I feel like I can play out here, and it's great to have another opportunity.

Q. You finished with birdies on two of the last three holes. Just talk about that finish.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, certainly I was really excited about it. I kind of let a few slip there before, so it was nice to bounce back and get some shots to go.

Q. What was this third round like with all the delays coming back out here today, not knowing if you were going to be able to get it in? What was it like overnight?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, it was unique for sure. We sat around that clubhouse a lot this week, and the staff was unbelievable taking care of us, and they made it as good as it possibly could be. The course maintenance crew did a fabulous job. The course drained well. It was totally playable this morning. All that is just kind of a waiting game that tests your patience. I tried to handle it as best I could.

Q. What was the mentality coming into today? What were you telling yourself about having to finish the way you did?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, you know, I really felt like I needed to make four birdies and no bogeys, just kind of go out and have a nice solid round, give myself a lot of opportunities. Of course I had two bogeys that set me back a little bit. Overall I'm pleased with the way the round went.

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