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September 23, 2002

Phillip Price


GORDON SIMPSON: Phillip, here we are at the Belfry, at last, as everyone has been saying already this week. Do you get that feeling of adrenalin now that we're finally here on the premises at the De Vere Belfry.

PHILLIP PRICE: I'm very excited. I've just been over to practice. Nice to get into the room and get all my gear. I suppose I felt like it started when we got all cut up, and I went over to the range, I feel like the week is starting now.

GORDON SIMPSON: Have you felt a sense of frustration to wait so long, because you were so keyed up when you qualified a year ago.

PHILLIP PRICE: It has been frustrating, probably taken a little focus away from over things, especially over the last few months, which has been disappointing. But we're here and it's nice to get it on, I think.

GORDON SIMPSON: Are you planning to play today.

PHILLIP PRICE: No, I just practiced, I'm done now.

Q. Phil, do you wish in a way that you had played last year?

PHILLIP PRICE: The way that this year has gone, I'd probably say yes. Because it would have been nice to not had another year of just Ryder Cup talk everywhere I go. Some of it's nice, but some of it keeps on a little bit. Right now I'd probably be better doing it now, because I'm probably in better shape than I was a year ago.

Q. Last week, how did it affect you, not being there, did you practice or what did you do?

PHILLIP PRICE: Took five days off, which was fantastic, because I played six in a row. It was very frustrating, as well. I took five days off and started practicing and playing. I enjoyed both of it. I enjoyed the rest, and I enjoyed practicing at home and trying to get things in order.

Q. When you arrive at Ryder Cup, what exactly is in the room, go through all the stuff. Is it all there for the week now?

PHILLIP PRICE: Yeah, except for the bag. All the clothes that you need for the week, evening clothes, gift bags, suitcases, lots of stuff. Mainly the clothes you're going to need, suits.

Q. It's like walking into a shop?

PHILLIP PRICE: It was like a shop, yeah. If I can lose a few pounds the trousers will be fine. No, it all fits.

Q. Compared to a normal TOUR event, is there more pressure now that you're here for this week? Does it feel like that?

PHILLIP PRICE: Not right now, no. I'm sure come tomorrow when we get on the course, I'm sure I'll start getting excited, but not right now. But I'm sure I will tomorrow.

Q. Phil, what are your expectations for the weekend?

PHILLIP PRICE: For me to win whatever matches I play and for Europe to win, is the plan.

Q. You'd like to be playing the first morning, I take it, then?

PHILLIP PRICE: I would like to, yeah.

Q. Phil, I think we asked every player this, but Tiger Woods said last week he would rather win in Ireland than win this week for America. How do you feel? Would you rather have a big tournament for yourself or rather win the Ryder Cup for Europe this week?

PHILLIP PRICE: That's a difficult one to answer. Close. And I don't know what it's like to win a Ryder Cup. If I ever feel that and I feel the difference between that and winning a TOUR event then I can tell you. But I haven't done either, so I don't know.

Q. Phil, do you think it's difficult for 10 ten guys you normally play against and keep against each other, to have to come together for one week to think as a team?

PHILLIP PRICE: I'd say no, because I'd say most of our team spends so much time with each other anyway, and are pretty friendly, probably even friendlier, but I think our team -- I think it's quite an easy adjustment to make.

Q. You seem very calm and collected. Are you actually -- is the excitement getting to you, has it got to you?

PHILLIP PRICE: Not right now. I've only been here maybe three hours. So I'm not -- I just practiced. I'm feeling particularly good right now. I'm sure as the week progresses and we start getting involved, I'll start to get a bit more excited.

GORDON SIMPSON: What are your thoughts when you see the facilities here with the grandstands, the corporate and all the rest of it, it makes you realize it's something special.

PHILLIP PRICE: It obviously does look special, because I've been here other times. But I think when so early in the week, I think come tomorrow, when both teams are on the course, and there's people around, I think I'll probably get a better sense tomorrow.

Q. You've touched on how the Ryder Cup has affected your form for two seasons now. Will it in some ways be a relief to see the back of this week and get on with your golf again?

PHILLIP PRICE: Yeah, definitely. Because I suppose for most of the middle end of this year and the back end of last year that there's been a lot of negativity around. And I've obviously sensed a lot of that and that's become quite frustrating. And the talk about the Ryder Cup this time isn't about competing well, but about how poor my form is. That obviously doesn't make me feel very good about things. And so what happens then is that affects everywhere I go, that's what people have been reading or hearing about. So that's what they want to discuss. And I don't know, that's unpleasant. I want to discuss the good side of it and I'm hoping they will be.

Q. Having taken the time off and then having practiced, what is the state of your game and your confidence?

PHILLIP PRICE: I'm fantastic right now. It's sometimes easy to perform well in practice and practice rounds. Tournament can be a different thing. But right this minute practice has gone fantastic. I changed a few things that have been coming together a few weeks but have seemed to come together a little more, and I'm hoping I can carry it through the tournament with me.

Q. You touched on the negativity. Does that make you more determined because there's been a history of European rookies in the past that have had terrific Ryder Cups? Is that negativity something you're going to use to your advantage this week?

PHILLIP PRICE: I would say not. I don't think that -- I don't feel anymore determined than I normally would. I think what's been nice over the last week is that I did all my press stuff last Monday, and I have had very little negativity since. And that's made me feel good, and that's kind of boosted me, to be honest.

Q. You still see reaching the Ryder Cup as an pinnacle in your career, and will you be able to enjoy the experience?

PHILLIP PRICE: I'd like to look back and go, whatever happens I enjoyed doing it. I can't imagine while I'm here I'm going to enjoy it, because I want to win, and I'm part of the team. And if winning meant I had a miserable time, I'd be quite happy. I'm here to win, I'm not just here to have a holiday.

Q. Just finally, obviously you're representing Europe, but coming from Wales and have Woozy in the locker room, it must be proud to be representing Wales?

PHILLIP PRICE: That's nice. Following in Woozy's footsteps is nice. I think the vice captains, I think they've been fantastic, especially over the times we had dinners, and I was in the team room just now, and everybody is in good spirits. And it gives you a good feeling.

Q. Do you have friends and family coming?

PHILLIP PRICE: Lots, an awful lot of people that I know are coming. Ridiculous amount of people.

Q. (Inaudible.)

PHILLIP PRICE: Limousine. Some of my friends have booked a limo to come up. I'm sure there will be others as well.

GORDON SIMPSON: I hope the trip is worthwhile, Phil. Good luck and enjoy the week.

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