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May 1, 2016

Brian Stuard

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Brian, we've got nothing but time to kill. Let's talk about the early years. Now, just kidding. It's hard enough to win your first tournament on the PGA TOUR, but dealing with all of this stuff around it, how is that coming across for you?
BRIAN STUARD: I guess it's a little difficult, but it is what it is. Can't control the rain and whenever they tell us we're going to go play, we're going to go play. We have been through this before. It's just another tournament.

Q. Well, this week could be, obviously, a game changer for you. You missed the cut last year at Greensboro, we chronicled that, you fell out of the top 125 in FedExCup. But this could change everything for you. How do you keep your focus when you got so much time to think about it?
BRIAN STUARD: Just try not to get to ahead of yourself and think about those kind of things. We know we got to go back out and play. We just got to keep that right mind frame and just worry about the next shot.

Q. We got some highlights of you. We're going to start off with your third shot at 7 in the second round.
BRIAN STUARD: Yes, I guess this was yesterday morning. Hit a nice little wedge in there about 10 feet or so and was able to make the putt.

Q. You went ahead and made this putt. Which by the way, you've been doing a fair amount of making putts this week, I might add?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I had it going this week. For whatever reason, I'm seeing the lines well, and they're going in.

Q. Now the second shot at 8.
BRIAN STUARD: Another nice wedge, probably seven or eight feet. Just to a middle right pin, I guess.

Q. Again, what we see here? There's the roll. When I look at stats, some impress me, some don't impress me, but 17 for 17 getting it up-and-down this week, that impresses me.
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah. Seems like I've been missing in the right spots. And then, obviously, my pitching and chipping has been really nice. And the ones that I haven't quite gotten the tap in range, have been able to make the putt.

Q. Have you seen this coming in your game? Have you seen progress in your ball striking and your putting that leads you to believe that this could happen this week?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think last week in San Antonio, I showed some signs of good play. I had a good round in the second round. Hit some good shots and my putting was kind of felt like it's been coming around. So I think last week was a good build up to this week.

Q. How are you going to spend your time between now -- and we may or may not even get out the rest of today. How many times are you going to hit the buffet line?
BRIAN STUARD: A couple more, probably, I guess. Just going to hang out and see what happens and watch the radar.

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