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May 1, 2016

Brian Stuard

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. What do you do in this time here?
BRIAN STUARD: Not much. Just hang out and get some food and get some rest.

Q. Is it actually -- you guys are all in the clubhouse together -- so is it actually some time to get to know each other?
BRIAN STUARD: A little bit. I think you definitely maybe chat with some people that you wouldn't normally chat with. But, yeah, maybe a little bit.

Q. I know after 36 holes you're at the top of the leaderboard. But when it comes to all the perks with winning, you really want this thing to go 54 holes, don't you?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, it would be nice to get that 54-hole finish, but we'll see.

Q. Have you been in this kind of spot before?
BRIAN STUARD: I think I've held the 36-hole lead in Hawaii a couple years ago, so, yeah, I guess so.

Q. Does the fact that you can't get out there, does that make it a little harder to manage your emotions?
BRIAN STUARD: Not really. We have done this before and you just kind of know that, once you get going, then you're back to playing golf.

Q. The fact that, if it goes 54 and you get the two-year TOUR exemption and the spot in the Masters, how much sweeter does that make it?
BRIAN STUARD: I mean, obviously, it does. It would mean a lot, for sure.

Q. Talk a little bit about, so, if you're only going to play 54, obviously your mindset changes a little bit. You're in the lead, do you play to keep the lead or do you have to play more aggressive?
BRIAN STUARD: I think once we get back out you're going to have to be aggressive, because, obviously, some guys are moving up behind us that have already been out there for a few more holes, so you're going to have to make some birdies and just keep going. Keep trying to get as many as possible.

Q. What would it mean to get your first win?
BRIAN STUARD: It would mean a lot. It would be a dream come true, really, I guess.

Q. You're a perfect 17 for 17 up-and-down from around the green. You mentioned earlier you must be missing it in the right spot.
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think so. It seems like my misses have been in a spot where I've been able to pitch it close. I made a couple good ones, but for the most part they have been pretty easy up-and-down, I guess.

Q. You put a new putter in your bag last week. Touch on that.
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I picked it up last week in San Antonio and it felt good. And I putted well last week, so it's continued. I don't know, for some reason it feels good.

Q. Do you think that -- this course kind of favors a long hitter anyhow. If it's extremely damp, does that even -- how -- does that neutralize it or what do you think?
BRIAN STUARD: I think it can go both ways. Obviously, if they hit it farther than -- I don't know, I don't think it matters too much. It will be, you'll be able to hit some irons into the greens and they will stop fast, so it shouldn't matter too much.

Q. Just with this weather and stuff, does it make you think twice about maybe coming back to Zurich?
BRIAN STUARD: Definitely not. It's always fun to come here, I like the course and they treat us pretty good here, so it's pretty cool.

Q. And what kind of movies are you watching in there? Do you guys watch Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack or is it like normal stuff?
BRIAN STUARD: Pretty much normal stuff. Right now we're all kind of watching the basketball and the hockey and whatever else is on, so.

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