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April 24, 2016

Kevin Chappell

San Antonio, Texas

Q. Nice hot start. Got to 32, putting yourself in this position.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. I left even a couple out there, you know, on the front-9. Then I kind of got out of rhythm on the back and out of position a few times and able to salvage a couple good pars and shooting even par on the back-9 probably doesn't deserve to win the golf tournament.

I hung in there and really proud of the way I fought this week. Didn't feel like I had it -- much game and off to a slow start every around and kind of behind the 8-ball the whole week. So, see where I finished. All in all, a good week.

Q. You had a birdie putt on the 18th to tie the lead. Had to have felt like you had the opportunity right there. What was the read on the putt?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Hit a straight putt. The ball is above my feet but goes right and I know better than to do that putt, you know, thought I hit a good putt. Hit a better putt than I did at Bay Hill, that's for sure. Hit a good putt and misread it, unfortunately, but we'll see what happens.

Q. Overall, you keep putting yourself into this position. Do you find any solace in that?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I guess the hard work is paying off. You know, when you play for trophies on the other side of things, financially it helps to play well. But, you know, I'm out here trying to win trophies and that's the ultimate goal and feel like I'm closer. Really comfortable out there today and just proud of the way I fought and especially not having my A game.

Q. Kevin, very hot on the front-9, 32. Solid day. Take a little bit about the start today.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. Never felt like I was out of the golf tournament all week. Always 6, 7, 8, 10 behind and then I'd get into a hot round or hot stretch of holes and trying to get yourself back into it and the goal yesterday afternoon birdie -- try to birdie the last 3.

I lipped out on 16 and 18 and made it on 17 and, you know, still didn't feel like I was too far behind. Got a fresh start. That's exactly what I needed. Didn't play well on the back.

Q. Big yardage, big number on 18. Were you surprised it made the greenside bunker?
Were you thinking more short and front or do you think you could hit that?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: I thought I could get it back to the hole. The ground came up a little quickly. Hit it fat. I knew to the left was pretty easy work and I hit an average bunker shot and hit a good putt. Just misread it. You know, I'd love to be in that situation again. I hope I get the opportunity.

Q. Overall, a great week and good number posted. Wait and see. Congratulations on a great round.

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