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April 23, 2016

Billy Horschel

San Antonio, Texas

BILLY HORSCHEL: Did really well yesterday. Got nothing out of it, shot even par. I'm starting to swing a lot better. I'm just making little small mistakes and my teacher, Todd Anderson, we just needed to cleanup the rounds.

I get some balls up and down when needed to get them up and down. Make some putts inside of ten feet, used to making, making those putts and we knew we did that we're going to have some good rounds like this.

I had one last Friday at Hilton Head, played really well and then have another one this week. We're closer and it's exciting and see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Talking about cleaning up, take a little more time putting on the green to make those putts? What was it inside of ten feet that you did better today besides it going to the bottom?
BILLY HORSCHEL: You know, I don't know. You know, for me it's getting comfortable in the set-up. I've been working on the path of the stroke is really good. Just getting comfortable in the set-up.

I get a little too open in my stance and shoulders. The right arm gets a little high. I'm trying to feel like I'm closed to my line which makes me square so it feels a little bit different, feels like everything is out at the right but it's really square and it just allows me to stroke the ball a little more down the line and so I mean it's been good.

I've been putting well inside ten feet this week and, you know, hopefully stays that way tomorrow.

Q. Great job today, good luck tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah. You know, I've been feeling like my game has been close. Swung it really well yesterday. Figured something out in my swing, something my teacher, Todd, has been trying to tell me for the past month and finally gotten through my thick skull a little bit.

Didn't get much out of it yesterday. Today I came out, warmed up really well and I knew going off early I was going to have a little bit of advantage, little softer conditions, the greens being smooth and I think I told my caddy, Mike, somewhere, somewhere in the first three, four holes if we get to about 6, 7-under, I think we'll be in really good position going into Sunday.

We played really good, played really smart. We both worked really well out there together talking about shots, making sure we had the right thought process and right process going through.

So, you know, today was a really good day. Shoot bogey-free. The only hole may have come close No. 10 where I hit a bad drive way left. I was able to get it on the green and two-putt.

Really good round of golf. If I can go out tomorrow and do the same thing, hit a lot of greens, give myself opportunities, I think we'll see what happens.

Q. If you're in command of your game, do you like the idea of being a chaser?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I think if I'm in command of my game it doesn't matter where I am. I think I can get the job done. I'm hoping that we get some more wind tomorrow. I want to see the course play a little tougher.

I love it when it plays tough, the better player comes out, and I think with me being in command of my game I think it makes it, I'm not going to say easier but gives me a little bit more of an advantage.

So, like I said, I've been in this position before here the last couple of years. I want to get the job done. I love this place, I love San Antonio. It's an unbelievable stop. Hopefully tomorrow will be the third time the charm for me to get that victory.

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