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April 21, 2016

Zach Johnson

San Antonio, Texas

Q. Zach, 2 of your 12 wins came here. Bogey on the first, bogey on the last. Lot of good work in between. What went on?
ZACH JOHNSON: I did everything pretty well. I didn't -- nothing, you know, outrageous. I putted well and I three-putted my first hole, 40 feet. It was dark and windy and the rain was about to come. I'm not making excuses.

Then hit two good shots on last hole. Couldn't get up and down. I played pretty solid. I felt like there was -- I left some out there but I made some. So, probably all evened up.

Q. So Billy Ray was saying you like this golf course a little more firm. How does that play to your advantage and what do you think we'll see?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'm not saying -- it's the way it was designed. It's essentially built on rock. This is about the latest we played this golf tournament. Seems like the wind is usually blowing and lot of roll.

Right now there's not a whole lot of roll. Got to hit shots. I don't know how much rain they've had in the last week. Hats off to the superintendent and the greens staff.

Q. Zach, I hope that bogey on your last hole, the 9th, doesn't spoil what I thought was a really good round of golf.
ZACH JOHNSON: I appreciate it, thanks. I had some opportunities out there. I capitalized on a few and missed a few but I think it probably evens out.

Last hole it doesn't rest well but, at the same time, I can't be too upset. Hit two good shots and misjudged the wind or something. Hit two great shots. Couldn't get up and down. Technically it was a pretty good bogey.

Q. You missed only two fairways the whole day. I thought you were in control of the ball.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. Overall, I thought I was in pretty good control. I drove it well, gave myself chances on the fairway. At that point it comes down to making putts.

I made a few, especially early on, kind of get the round going and hit a little lull there maybe in the middle but, you know, it's a good golf course. It's a tough golf course.

Q. I was surprised at how good the golf course was, how quickly you guys adapted. You played two holes before the rain delay and come right out and make a birdie.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. I had a shot in there, I had to make a putt and first shot back was 15, 20-footer, I don't know how long. Here we go. Yeah.

It's amazing, you know, how well this sun can dry this place out. We had a few mud balls. Had a terrible one on the 8th hole, 12. What do you do? That's golf.

Like I said, hats off to the greens staff and certainly everybody that's been in charge of this golf course. They've done a great job.

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