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April 21, 2016

Charley Hoffman

San Antonio, Texas

Q. There have been very few players that have played this golf course better than Charley Hoffman over the years since it came here. For you, what lights up?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Tee to green is very visual, shapes with the trees and it's a tough driving golf course. I usually drive it pretty good and got to be accurate in your -- when you're hitting in there. For some reason I've been able to roll the putter.

Q. Conditions here, how much different did it play and how were you able to capitalize?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Lot different than normal. Usually you're trying to land them short, today you're trying to get them past the hole and suck them back. No rough, no overseeding. Premium on driving isn't quite as much. You can hit them in the rough and have a shot at the green. There's low scores out there, still going to make some putts in the right spots.

Q. Good playing here again.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Thank you, Scott.

Q. Charley, great round, 26 putts. Is the game fun when you're rolling the rock like that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what I've gotten last few weeks I've gotten off to a good starts. That's been it. Hitting a few fairways and be aggressive from there. It's been a good start for me lately.

Q. You had a great day but how important is it to finish like that and not maybe remember the adventure -- the great birdie on 18, great birdie.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: One of the toughest flags on the golf course. Hard to get one close. Not a lot of green where that pin is, obviously, and no matter what you do ending your round with a birdie is always great. Bounce back after a bogey on 17 and I'm happy with 6-under.

Q. Were you surprised how great the conditions were out there? We had a ton of rain yet it seems it still played fairly well.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: They obviously -- the groundskeeper did a great job to get the course in good condition. It's always one of the best conditioned golf courses of the year. I don't think I've ever seen it not blow anything. It's a little different golf course this year.

Q. Have a nice long rest now before you get to start Round 2. Get some relaxation. Congratulations on a great round.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Appreciate it, thanks.

Q. What happened on 18? I think your tee shot hit some guy in the chest or something?

Q. Saved you a little bit?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You never know. It's one of those obviously anytime you hit somebody and bounce toward the fairway is good. I could -- I don't know what I hit on 17. 17 was going right and hit something and went further right.

Q. It evened out?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Who knows. Obviously once you hit it off line you're at the hands of mercy there. Obviously I think I got a good break. Ended up making 4.

Q. Signed the ball for the guy.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. It's sort of what you do, put sorry on the ball or glove. You go on and hopefully they're not hurt too bad. I hit more people than you probably know. I hit out of the fairway more than most and usually some people walking around.

Q. Talk about your round today. Pretty happy with it?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 6-under par is always good on this golf course or any golf course. I tend to play well here and hopefully I can keep it going and have a chance on Sunday.

Q. Why do you think you play well here?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: One of those golf courses that sets up good to the eye. Feel good playing the golf course.

Q. You say it's playing a little different this year. When the front moved through, little surprisingly didn't leave any wind.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. It was sort of the same conditions as it was yesterday which was nice getting in the Pro-Am for 9 holes. Front blew through earlier, little chilly and heated up. I was able to capitalize on it.

Q. Greens a little soft?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Always. You get as much rain as they've had here the past few weeks, they're going to be soft.

Q. What is it going to take, you play here a lot, never broken through?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously playing good on Sunday. I've been close the last month or so and I've got to put four good rounds together instead of three. you don't win golf tournaments with three good rounds.

Q. All about the math?

Q. Pretty good Texas stretch. Played well at Houston and --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I mean looking back through the last month I've been putting too much pressure on myself to get that W. It's been good. I'm focused on the process. Hopefully I have about 7, 8 shot lead so I can shoot 5-under. No, I've won before. I've come back from bad Sundays and this happens to be a stretch I haven't played well on Sunday but I know I can play good.

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