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April 20, 2016

Alison Lee

Kevin Hopkins

Tommy Lim

San Francisco, California

MEGHAN FLANAGAN: Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks for being here at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic where, once again, we will see the very best female golfers compete here at Lake Merced.

We have a very exciting announcement to make today involving one of the game's rising stars here and one of the tour's official marketing partners, and also with IMG in one of the best tournaments we have here on the LPGA schedule.

First I would first like to introduce the three guests to my left. First, in the middle we have second-year LPGA Tour member and a member of the 2015 U.S. Solheim Cup. Team, Ms. Alison Lee.

To her right we have the senior vice president of EU and America Business of Golfzon, Mr. Tommy Lim.

And the executive director of IMG Golf, Mr. Kevin Hopkins. Thank you all three for being here.

Golfzon - we'll give you guys a little bit of background information - became An official marketing partner of the LPGA in October of 2014, and is also the official golf simulator of the LPGA.

As the leading company in the virtual golf industry, they have been a tremendous supporter of women's golf and growing the game around the world. Their corporate philosophy is making golf enjoyable for everyone, believing that golf should be an all-inclusive sport.

Well, I think they're going to have a little bit more fun and be a little bit more inclusive with an announcement today, announcing they are signing an endorsement with Alison as an ambassador as she competes across the globe.

Allison, let's start with you. I know you're very excited for this announcement. You have Golfzon now on your shirt. You are a proud ambassador. How did this relationship start and develop into what it is today?

ALISON LEE: I would say it all started last year when I got invited to play in the Hanwha Classic, a KLPGA event in Korea.

On their range they had several Golfzon simulators on the range setup. I had never seen it before and I was playing a round with it a little and having fun with it and watching my swing on the screen and all that stuff.

I thought it was really cool. That was the first time I had seen a golf simulator like that on the golf range or even outdoors. Usually you would see it like at a Golfsmith or something like indoors. But that was the first time I saw it outdoor and I thought it was really cool.

Yeah, I'm just super happy that in such a short period of time this relationship was able to form.

MEGHAN FLANAGAN: I'm sure it'll help you improve your game. I know in the deal you get two of these spectacular simulators. You're still living in your dorm or in your house at UCLA, and I don't think that's going to fit in the backyard at the sorority house, I guess.


MEGHAN FLANAGAN: You have some plans for what you're going to do with these two simulators?

ALISON LEE: I'm still living in Westwood in my apartment right now, so I don't have a specific place to put the simulator for myself.

But I told them that I would want to donate a simulator to the UCLA golf program, because I feel like they would put it into great use. I felt like it was really fun to have at the Hanwha Classic, so to have it on campus for us at school I think they'd be really cool for the team.

MEGHAN FLANAGAN: I'm sure they'll thank you. It'll be great.

Now, Tommy, I know you and everyone at Golfzon are thrilled to welcome Alison to the Golfzon family. We would like to just hear from you on behalf of Golfzon.

TOMMY LIM: Thank you for attending this signing ceremony here. Since Alison debut on the LPGA last year, she finished the year with great success and qualifying, and she contribute to the victory at the Solheim Cup as youngest player and representing United States.

We at Golfzon strongly believe she will be next generation leader on LPGA in near future. So, you know, believe it or not, golf is very growing globally, especially in Asia, with the great performance of LPGA Tour players, including Alison Lee.

Golfzon is also considerably contribute to grow the game in Asia, in Korea. So that's the main reason we start to support Alison Lee. On behalf of Golfzon, I'm very excited to sponsor Alison Lee here.

MEGHAN FLANAGAN: Great. Kevin, we'll go to you. I know we have a Golfzon simulator out in the fan zone. Go check it out; go try to out.

Just speak on the relationship with IMG as well as Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic. I know you guys have been working on Alison's deal as well as the partnership here.

KEVIN HOPKINS: Sure. Thanks, Meghan. Thanks, Tommy and Alison. For us, we started the relationship here with Golfzon after they game became an official marketing partner of the tour about a year and a half ago.

We have been trying to incorporate their machines here at our event. For us this is exciting to be here at the table. Alison is obviously an IMG client and this is an IMG-run event here at Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic.

You know, what I love about it is Golfzon has similar values to Swinging Skirts here, so they have become an official partner of our tournament here.

As you look, if you get a chance to go into the fan zone, it's about growing the game, getting new people to try it out in a different way; not necessarily going out to a driving range.

As you walk through the fan zone and see young kids or older folks coming in, they can test out and be a part of it. For them to be a partner of the tournament, we're certainly appreciative of their support and the values that they have with it.

We are super excited to make the announcement here today with Alison. I think she'll be a great ambassador for the company.

As they continue to grow across the globe, she'll certainly represent them well as she's traveling.

MEGHAN FLANAGAN: Thank you, Kevin. It won't be official without an official signing, so let's get some documents signed and some photo ops. Alison will be available for any comments for you guys.

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