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April 18, 2016

James Harden

Oakland, California: Game Two

Warriors - 115, Rockets - 106

Q. James, it's a three-point game 3:00 minutes into the fourth quarter and then a few missed good looks. What led to it falling apart so much at that stage of the game?
JAMES HARDEN: They did a really good job of capitalizing off the missed shots and missed lay-ups and turnovers. So, missed a couple lay-ups, threes and whatnot and they turned them into points. So it went from a three-point lead to a 67 or whatever, and they just built it. It's hard to recover from there.

So, you know, we fought. We made a couple mistakes and just in the first half we gave up too many offensive rebounds and turned the basketball over too much and that gave them more opportunities. So I think we gave up 35 or 40 points in that first half off those two things that I just said and that's just tough, especially on the road.

Q. What do you think the difference was for you in the half with the foul line? You had 13 foul shots in the first half. Second half you only had two. What do you think the difference was?
JAMES HARDEN: I don't know. I always try to get a bucket whenever I need to. Just get a bucket or make the right play at all times. Sometimes you're shooting a dozen, sometimes you're not.

Q. Your three-point shots were to one. What happened?
JAMES HARDEN: I made one three pointer? Bad shooting night, not scoring the basketball.

Q. The Warriors obviously didn't have Curry tonight. Do you see this as an opportunity that got away from you guys?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah. Yeah, for sure, especially the way we played that first game, the second game we played a little better today, but it's just we can't do enough to get a win. Like I said, we gave up too many offensive rebounds, to a really good three-point shooting team, and turned the basketball over way too many times especially in that first half. With Curry playing or without him playing, we still have to do those things in order to give ourselves a chance to win.

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