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April 17, 2016

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

Monte Carlo, Monaco


4-6, 6-0, 10-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. They are very good, aren't they?
JAMIE MURRAY: They played well. Yeah, but, I mean, I served awful.

Q. So you think you gave them a little bit?
JAMIE MURRAY: I mean, I couldn't get any serve in. Any serve going in was like a hundred miles an hour. I think I lost my serve three times, deuce points, you know, because I just lost all rhythm on my serve.

Yeah, we were the better team the first set. We were returning well, playing good. I think we were kind of on top. My serve is just a battle every time. Killed all the momentum that we had really.

Q. Can you think of any reason why that might have happened?
JAMIE MURRAY: Just by abductor. Yesterday I was struggling with my serve, to push up. Then, of course, not using my legs, lose my timing and stuff. Today was the same.

Yeah, it was just a battle.

Q. Are you on any painkillers or anything?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, no. Just seeing the physio and stuff.

Q. So it wasn't a question of an injection wearing off or anything like that?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, it's not sore. It's not, like, real pain. It's there and then I don't have that kind of spark really (snapping fingers).

Q. Bruno, yesterday you said you were 100% sure you would play at the Olympics with Melo. Jamie, you play with your brother.

Q. Not considering the French guys, which do you think are the best teams you'll probably face?
BRUNO SOARES: I guess everybody. An Olympic event, it's the best players in the world.

I think there's one different factor in an Olympic event, is just to get a lot of new teams, guys that you've never really seen them playing together. You don't know what to expect.

Even the doubles players, they have to switch. Been awhile they don't play or they just played just a few times.

You're going to get a team like Tecau-Rojer, two great doubles players. You never know how they are going to play. They used to play unbelievable together. It's been a while they don't play together, only in Davis Cup.

Then you have combinations like Jamie and Andy, good doubles player, great singles player. It's just an unpredictable factor in the Olympic event. It's just tough to say.

If you get the draw from the last Olympics in London, I would say just everybody pretty much.

Q. Do you know anything about Bolelli and Fognini who will probably play together?
BRUNO SOARES: We know a lot, yeah. I mean, amazing players. They had an amazing doubles year last year, not only singles. They won a slam. Played the finals here.

Got a bit unfortunate with injuries. Fabio, this year, hasn't really played much.

But we know they can do. They showed already to everybody. In a good week, they can easily win a tournament.

Q. On the subject of the Olympics, during the period leading up to the Olympics, post Wimbledon, do you know whether you plan to play with your respective Olympic partners more or will you continue playing together?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think we're planning to play together.

BRUNO SOARES: Me for the moment, only Davis Cup. That's all we have planned.

I mean, it's two big tournaments leading to Olympics. We have a lot of goals: London finals, rankings. We are on a big race, especially with the French guys now. So it's tough to give away them any points just to prepare for an Olympic event.

For the moment, that's all.

Q. Bruno, what was your thought of the match today?
BRUNO SOARES: Jamie serves usually the strongest game that we have. I mean, he's got a better serve than I do. He's lefty. He was struggling a little bit.

But I think even he didn't serve a great first set, I thought we were playing extremely well. I just thought we went down mentally after the break in the first game. We just gave away the momentum.

Even not playing the best game, we lost at deuce point. If we managed to win that and stay ahead, we keep them under pression with a 2-0 lead. Then right away another break, they playing a free set, getting ready for the breaker.

Breaker, it's a penalty kick, flipping a coin. You never really know. It's two points here and there.

We had I would say a bad start. They played well until 5-1. We managed to stay in there and fight. Lost an unlucky point at 7-6 to go 7-7. From that point they played two good points.

I thought we played a great first set. And just this momentum, with the format we play, it's really tough. It's very different than in Australia. Played a long match. Here you give away, all of a sudden you have to play a breaker and all of a sudden everybody is under pressure.

Q. Jamie, on your serve at 5-3, 30-All, when you double-faulted, was there a noise in the crowd or something that disturbed you? Thought you looked up in the stands?
JAMIE MURRAY: I don't remember.

Q. Jamie, when did you actually do the abductor? Are you going to have to sit out a tournament?
JAMIE MURRAY: I did it at the start of our second match. Then, yeah, I mean, I've just been managing it since then.

I don't feel it at all, just on my serve, just when I push up and land. You know, it's really not affecting me playing. I think I just lost the legs in my serve a bit, then just my rhythm and stuff because of that, which was a bit frustrating.

But no, I mean, hopefully it clears up the next few days, and good to go in Barcelona.

Q. You're not playing anywhere next week?
JAMIE MURRAY: Barcelona.

Q. This week?
JAMIE MURRAY: We're playing Barcelona. Yeah, we fly tonight.

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